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Guide to Wheelchairs


Find out more about Wheelchairs

The information on this site is here to assist you in everything you are likely to want to know about wheelchairs. This is a particularly useful point of reference for new wheelchair users and their families, but certain topics will be of benefit to experienced users too, particularly those who have not changed their wheelchairs for some considerable time.

Types of Wheelchairs

Just about every useful type of wheelchair is covered somewhere in this site and advice on how to make the most of using them too. It is very important that you don’t stretch the boundaries of your wheelchairs capabilities as this could seriously affect your safety. For instance, under no circumstances should wheelchairs designed specifically for indoor use be treated as an outdoor wheelchair. Indoor wheelchairs have small castors that are designed to give a tighter turning circle. When used outdoors, even small cracks in pavements could make the castors turn suddenly, this could result in a serious injury or even a fatality. This advice is relevant to all wheelchairs, but especially to electric wheelchairs.

We have tried to cover all aspects of wheelchair use that usually create questions. For users who haven’t looked into the options for a while, the section on wheelchair lifts, for instance, might be particularly useful. These days, there are many more ways to transport wheelchairs around in cars, there are even special wheelchair vans to assist with this basic need.

Heavy-duty lifting devices are also available to get the wheelchair in and out of car trunks, something that could make not only the wheelchair users life much easier, but also those around them. For ageing users, this kind of tool is particularly useful as it is likely that the people around the user will also be ageing and not having to lift a wheelchair in and out of a car could prove to be a great help to everyone’s quality of life.

There are pages dedicated to motorized wheelchairs and leading on from this, pages about the wheelchair accessories and wheelchair parts that are available these days for wheelchair users. Some accessories are essential and obvious too. Others are so essential that you might not even think about them.

Sports are often difficult for wheelchair users, but why not use this to your advantage, and take part in sports that are designed specifically for wheelchair users. We have a page about wheelchair racing and also sports wheelchairs that may be of interest to younger readers. Joining a wheelchair racing club is a great way to make new friends and maybe a few years down the line you could find yourself competing in the Paralympics. For those of you with dogs with increasing physical problem, we also have a page devoted to dog wheelchairs.