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Guide to Pocketbikes

Pocket Bikes

Find out more about Pocketbikes

Every other neighborhood today is alive with a high-pitched whining noise that means only one thing – Pocket Bikes have arrived.

Pocket Bikes, minimoto, pit bikes, whatever you prefer to call them, are here, and spreading like wildfire as kids of all ages get bewitched by their cute looks and hair-raising power. Despite not being street legal in most states and restricted to private land and race tracks, there’s little to stop the phenomenal sales of pocketbikes.

Having, in reality, never really gone away, the pocketbike is back, and here to stay with kids in their early teens right and adults equally affected by the pocketbike bug.

In recognition of this fact, we celebrate here all things pocketbike. What you will find is a comprehensive A to Z of pocket bikes and pocket bike ownership. Whether you’re a complete newcomer to these mini me motorcycles or an experienced pocketbike racer, we’re packed with tons of good info, tips, hints and purchase ideas. And it doesn’t end there, our pages span the whole spectrum from purchase to safety and modifying your pocketbike to get maximum performance for your money.

To help ensure you choose the right pocket bike, we have dedicated manufacturer pages where we rundown the essential need-to-know info. Among the pocketbike manufacturers we scrutinize are:

We don’t confine ourselves to pure bred racing machines, though. Check out our pages on chopper pocket bikes and pocket dirt bikes for an alternative view. After all, not everyone is at home in the competitive, and repetitive, environment of the race track. So get the lowdown (hee hee) on choppers and the off-road line on pocket bikes you can get dirty with.

In cheap pocket bikes learn that getting into pocketbiking is not as expensive as you may imagine. For around $300 or less, it’s now possible to get your boot on your first pocketbike footpeg. Find out more on our cheap pocketbike page and take a look, too, at used pocket bikes for advice on buying pre-owned pocketbikes.

Naturally, if you haven’t seen a pocketbike in action, you’ll be curious. So head for our pocket bike video page and see for yourself why an Oscar is not yet in sight for these film makers.

If watching people crashing pocketbikes at speed hasn’t made you rethink, discover how to modify your standard pocketbike into a high-octane mini monster.

And with all the publicity of late about pocket bikes, it’s understandable that younger kids want in on the act. Unfortunately for them, most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 12 or 14 for gas pocket bikes. However, to redress this parenting flashpoint, we examine what else is on offer and discuss whether electric pocket bikes are the answer for younger children.