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Guide to Motrohomes


Find out more about Motorhomes

Do you enjoy getting out and about for long weekends, but don’t like the thought of staying in a different place each night and having to plan your trip around getting to a certain hotel at a certain time? If this rings a bell with your trips a motorhome could be just the thing for you. With a motorhome you can effectively take a small apartment with you wherever you go and have the advantage of feeling at home whilst you are out and about.

There are three classes of motorhomes:

Class A motorhomes are the biggest, most luxurious and therefore most expensive motorhomes. Prices can be as much as a million dollars. With trimming such as plasma screen TV’s, GPS satellite navigation, leather sofas, king size beds and slide out sections there is little wonder that many Class A motorhomes are used to accommodate movie stars whilst filming on location.

Class C motorhomes are the next size down, and effectively offer just about everything that an average family will want from a motorhome at a slightly more affordable price.

Class B motorhomes are the smallest and are also known as camper vans, or van conversions and are basically vans with a raised roof and sometimes a lowered floor which means that you can stand up freely inside the vehicle.

However, bigger does not necessarily mean better, although there is a trend in motorhome owners to continually want to upgrade to a bigger and better model. Class A motorhomes can be up to 45 feet in length, which means that they are not the most agile of vehicles and therefore can only be used on major roads. Therefore you will need to plan your trips carefully before you leave to avoid having to do a 100 mile round trip because you couldn’t get your RV around one corner!

Many motorhomes can be used to tow secondary vehicles or appliances. Some owners of Class A motorhomes will tow a small vehicle that can be used to get out and about once the motorhome is set up at camp. This is not possible with Class B motorhomes, but you can still tow a boat or a jet ski or perhaps a motorbike if you are a part of a racing crew.

The information on this site tells you more about the types of motorhomes that you can buy and some of the things that you should look out for when choosing motorhomes. We have information on some leading motorhome manufacturers, and details about motorhome insurance. Should a new motorhome be too expensive for your budget we also have information about buying used motorhomes and motorhome dealers.