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Guide to Floor Mats

Truck Floor Mats

Find out more about Truck Floor Mats

Whatever you do and whatever size truck you drive, you will certainly need good floor mats to protect your vehicle from the elements. Perhaps even more than in a car, your truck’s carpet is susceptible to damage from water, snow, salt, dirt, and grime.

Thankfully, many styles of truck floor mats are available which enable you to find the optimum protection for your truck. A great place to turn is Mats4Less, who carry several types of floor mats for your truck or SUV. For instance, if you are fed up with mats that don’t fit well, Mats4Less have the Exact Fit range. These mats are made of either 20 oz. Polypropylene or 24 oz. Nylon pile carpet, which is cut to fit your truck precisely.

Both materials are stain and water resistant, and feature lock stitch binding for further protection. They clean up easily with soap and water. Truck floor mats for a Chevy Avalanche cost $54.99 for a two-piece front set, the same for a second seat runner, and $74.99 for the complete three-piece set.

Another great range of floor mats available from Mats4Less is the Husky floor liner. These will also fit over your original carpet like a glove, providing excellent coverage and protection. They are expertly crafted from a patented rubberized thermo-plastic material, which is guaranteed not to crack or break and offers protection against water, snow, and chemicals including gas, oil, and battery acid. This makes the mats ideal for rugged work vehicles. A two-piece front set for a Dodge Dakota costs $66.99, as does a two-piece rear set (made to look like one piece), and a center hump liner is available for $39.99.

Another website offering a wide selection of truck floor mats is Car Truck Accessories. They have a huge stock of mats, including Coverking custom floor mats, which are available in many colors and styles and are custom fit to your truck. Made of top-quality nylon carpet with a ribbed backing to prevent slipping and bunching up, they give your vehicle great protection with high style. You can even opt for embroidery to lend a personal touch to your truck. Prices start at $27.95; and several configurations are on offer, including a two-piece front set, and a four-piece front and rear.

The site also carries the WeatherTech Classic Premium Rubber mat. These rubber floor mats offer top-notch protection against all the elements, and are made of pliable virgin rubber. This material will absolutely not crack, curl, or harden, even in sub-zero temperatures. It can hold up to 1.5 quarts of liquid without spilling, and have patented anti-skid ridges to keep the mat in place at all times. Moreover, these truck floor mats feature a protective non-stick finish to make cleanup quick and easy. They are available in black, gray, and tan, and prices start at $49.95.