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Guide to Floor Mats

Toyota Floor Mats

Find out more about Toyota Floor Mats

For a long-lasting and dependable vehicle such as a Toyota, you want floor mats that will give the same amount of satisfaction and reliability. Fortunately, there are many choices available: Mats4Less is a one-stop website for a wide variety of Toyota floor mats.

One type they carry is the Exact Fit floor mat for those who have difficulty finding floor mats that can provide enough coverage for their car floor. These mats are cut to fit your Toyota precisely and are made of heavy-duty 20 oz. polypropylene or 24 oz. nylon pile carpet, both waterproof and stain-resistant materials, and the edges feature lock stitch binding for extra durability. You can clean the mats easily with soap and water and then let them air dry. For instance a 2004 Corolla, a four-piece set of Toyota floor mats can be bought here for $69.99.

Another great floor mat available on Mats4Less is Husky floor mats. These are made of a patented rubberized thermoplastic vinyl which is extremely durable and will survive cold temperatures and harsh chemicals (such as oil and battery acid). The mats are molded for an exact fit over your original Toyota floor mats, and feature a raised upper lip to keep dirt and liquid in place. All Husky floor mats and liners feature their exclusive “Sta-Put” carpet-gripping spikes, which will hold the mat in place and prevent it from bunching up. For a 2004 Toyota Corolla, a two-piece mat set for the front or back will cost $43.99.

A great site specializing only in Toyota floor mats and accessories is Auto Toyota Parts. From them you can buy Highland All-Weather Mats for $33.48 for a set of two. They also feature WeatherTech rubber floor mats, these mats are made of up to 16 lbs of pliable virgin rubber which will not harden or crack in cold climates, offering you superb protection from water, salt, mud, snow, or sand.

These mats can hold 1½ quarts of liquid without spilling, offering excellent long-lasting satisfaction. Patented anti-skid ridges on the underside keep the mat in place and a non-stick finish on top makes for fast cleanup. The mats cost $49 for a two-piece rear set in black, and $54 for the same in grey or tan.

Car Accessories have a great selection of carpet mats. Their mats will be custom-made for your Toyota, and are woven from super-tough 32 oz. DuPont Antron nylon yarn for a lasting appearance and long wear. A matching vinyl serge binding completes the look, giving these Toyota floor mats an increased ability to ward off stains and spills. On the back they have applied a ¼” rubber nibbed backing, which will help the mat adhere firmly to the car floor. The mats can easily be embroidered with Toyota’s logo, and for most Toyota models these mats run for $119.95.