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Guide to Floor Mats

Rubber Floor Mats

Find out more about Rubber Floor Mats

If you live in a harsh climate where your vehicle is easily exposed to heavy rainwater, snow, salt, or mud damage, or if you use your auto primarily for rugged outdoor work purposes, then you may want to invest in rubber floor mats.

Rubber floor mats offer unbeatable protection from the elements while remaining in fine condition throughout years of heavy use. Almost all rubber floor mats nowadays come in black, grey, and tan, and one of the best known companies for them is Husky. Husky floor mats fit your car or truck like a glove, replacing its original floor mats for a precisely molded fit, and clean easily by hosing off and air-drying.

Husky rubber floor mats are made from a rubberized thermo-plastic material that is patented to prevent damage to the original flooring from mud, snow and ice. This material is also impervious to most chemicals, including gasoline, oil, and even battery acid, making this a highly durable floor mat which can give you years of satisfaction.

One company to offer these rubber floor mats, which come in sets of two for the front or three/four for both front and back, is Mats4Less. From them, front and back sets cost $66.99 each; there is also a center hump liner available for $39.99.

WeatherTech is another highly visible and respected name in rubber floor mats. Their standard WeatherTech Floor Mat is expertly crafted from soft and luxurious rubber, which will stay put to protect your carpeting and provide superior traction, yet will not hurt your fine shoe soles.

This rubber is completely durable and resistant to all types of weather exposure, making them an excellent choice whether you live in a cold or hot climate. These rubber floor mats also have a raised outer edge that keeps mud, water, and other types of grime contained within the mat. Cleaning is easy with a garden hose. These mats are featured on AutoAnything, who are currently offering them for a discounted $39.95-$129.95.

WeatherTech also make the Classic Premium rubber floor mats. This product offers the utmost in effective protection for your vehicle’s carpet through deeply sculpted channels, which trap and hold water, road salt, mud, and sand. The mats consist of up to sixteen pounds of pliable virgin rubber that is guaranteed not to crack, curl, or harden in extremely cold temperatures. This material can hold up to 1½ quarts of water without spilling, making it perfect for people living in rainy or snowy climates.

The back of the mat features patented anti-skid ridges to prevent the mat moving around while you’re driving, and the front has a unique non-stick finish to make cleanup fast and simple. From Car Truck Accessories you can buy these mats starting from $49.95.