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Guide to Floor Mats

Husky Floor Mats

Find out more about Husky Floor Mats

One of the leaders in floor mat quality and technology is the Husky brand. Husky specialize in long lasting high quality rubber floor mats and liners perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Husky floor mats and liners are made of a patented rubberised thermoplastic vinyl, which can maintain flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures, but is also undamaged by most of the chemicals found in your garage. This gives you the highest level of protection against staining and soiling from dirt and water, thereby increasing the resale value of your automobile.

Husky Floor Liners

The Husky Floor Liner is custom-made to fit like a glove over your car’s existing floor mats. It is finely crafted of Husky’s standard rubberised thermoplastic material, which offers protection against the worst types of waste you can find in your garage or on the road. From this rubberised substance, Husky custom-crafts the liner to fit your car floor exactly.

Included in the design is a tall outer perimeter lip which will hold messes inside the mat, giving your car further protection. The upper side features an aggressive molded tread that offers great traction for you and your passengers, as well as keeping cargo in place; and the underside has Husky’s exclusive “Sta-Put” spikes, which grip your carpet and keep the mat firmly in place.

These liners are available from many sources, including AutoAnything, where you can buy them from $39.95-$199.95, depending on the number of mats and type of vehicle you own. Mats4Less are another web company who carry these liners. Again, prices vary according to the number of mats and make of auto; however, mats for a Chevy Avalanche cost $66.99 for a two-piece front or rear set of liners, with a center hump mat costing $39.99.

Along with the Rubber Floor Liners, Husky also make All Weather Floor Mats. These Husky floor mats are also designed to handle any temperature or type of mess possible on earth.

They consist of Husky’s patented rubberized thermoplastic vinyl, which is guaranteed not to crack, bunch up, or warp, no matter if the temperature is below zero or above ninety. On top of that, this type of vinyl has no problem with almost all chemicals found in garages, including gas, oil, and battery acid. Because of this, the mats are perfect for work vehicles, as well as those which will simply face exposure to harsh climates.

The Husky floor mats are also molded with a 3/8” tall outer lip, designed to keep liquids and chemicals entirely within the mat and not on your car. This mat is up to 40% bigger than the competition, comes with Husky’s “Sta-Put” spikes underneath, and can be hosed clean in a snap. AutoAnything carry these mats with a lifetime warranty against splitting or breaking for $29.95-$49.59.