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Guide to Floor Mats

Garage Floor Mats

Find out more about Garage Floor Mats

Your garage floor can easily face the same problems of snow, water, mud, grime, and oil accumulation faced by your car. This can lead to a slippery floor, making you and your family susceptible to injury from falling on the concrete of your garage floor. It can also make your floor dirty and unsightly. Fortunately, floor mats for your garage are very common and many choices are available.

CarAccessories sell the Clean Park garage floor mats, which can catch all the mud, slush, and grime your vehicle acquires. This will keep your floor clean, safe from slips and falls, and will prevent you from tracking these messes into your home.

These garage floor mats are made of heavy-duty 20-mil vinyl that can hold gallons of liquid and keep it from spreading onto the concrete floor. They have 1” wide raised edges which also help to confine messes only to the mat. These edges are 24” long on the sides and 18” long on the top and bottom, and snap on quickly and simply with no tools required.

The garage floor mats come in gold or silver, and feature a one year limited warranty. Sizes range from small, which is 7 ½’x14’ and costs $116.95+$22 shipping, to XX large, which measures 9’x22’ and costs $183.95+$38 shipping. The company Stacks and Stacks sell the same mats for $135 small to $199 XX large; however, they offer free shipping on all orders over $100.

Stacks and Stacks offer a number of different garage floor mats, for instance the Oil Only Absorbent Pad, perfect if your car, SUV, or RV has a tendency to leak oil. This mat has been designed specifically to absorb petroleum products while simultaneously repelling water. It is cut from absorbent Polypropylene, a material that can soak up to twenty times its weight in liquids.

This means the mat will soak up approximately six quarts of petroleum waste from your car, but will not absorb water, making it ideal for wet areas where the pad will be exposed to water, snow, or mud. The mat is bright blue, measures 36”x54”, and sells for a highly economical $17.99.

Another product is a Motorcycle and Golf Cart Mat, made of 20-mil vinyl and 1” raised snap-on edging as above. The mat comes complete with a kickstand protector disk which can be positioned to protect the mat from accidental damage from the kickstand. The snap-on edges are again specially engineered, long-lasting, and easy to install with tools.

Cleaning the mat is also a breeze: simply remove one or more of the edge pieces closest to the garage door, and sweep or hose-off the mat. If you have a problem with more heavy debris, you can use a wet/dry shop vac, or squeegee the mess out the garage door.