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Guide to Floor Mats

Custom Floor Mats

Find out more about Custom Floor Mats

Having custom floor mats are a great way to add some originality and flair to your vehicle.

As always, many options are available. For instance, a great place to start is at GG Bailey. The company have a number of styles of custom floor mats, including some displaying college logos so that you can show your loyalty to your alma mater.

Another handsome style of custom floor mats is the Oriental Design floor mat. For this, GG Bailey have worked in conjunction with Stock Carpet to produce mats of the utmost elegance and luxury. The mats are made of woven polypropylene fiber 72.5 oz carpet (per square yard) for superior protection against stains. The edges are bound with matching woven serged yarn, and the mat has an exclusive Open Cell foam back to keep it in place at all times.

Two Ottoman-inspired designs are available:

  • Black Hereke
  • Red Ishtar

These mats vary in price according to the make and year of your car. Custom floor mats for a 2003 Chevy Malibu would cost $185 for two front mats, $250 for four front and back, and $235 for a trunk/cargo mat. GG Bailey also offer the Saratoga line of mats, designed with polka-dot, plaid, and stripe grosgrain ribbon edging to add some preppy flair to your car. There is a wide array of colors from which you can choose for the edging and matching heelpad. Again, prices vary according to your type of car, and the floor mats can be personalized or monogrammed. For my old ’97 Saturn SL1, these mats would cost $90 for the trunk/cargo, $70 for front, and $95 for front and back.

Floor Mats for RV's

With RVs becoming a popular way to travel these days, there are many options in floor mats for these vehicles. The Matworks Ltd. make wonderful, plush non-skid custom floor mats for your RV or truck cab. They custom craft their floor mats from 100% waterproof cut pile fiber carpet serge bound with fibers from the same material. This means that you can track snow, mud, dirt, and salt onto the mats and hose them off easily to keep them clean.

They carry five designs of personalized mats which are available in many carpet and embroidery colors; also, you can choose your own caption for a personalized approach. There are several mat sizes:

  • 18”x24” mat costs $50
  • 18”x36” mat costs $66

Matworks also offer an Exterior Step mat to keep the entrance or hall of your RV safe. This is made of the same plush carpet as before, which is stain, fade, mold, and mildew resistant, and completely waterproof. There is a no-slip rubber back to keep the mat in place, and the edges are finished with poly binding. These floor mats cost $40 and a personalized caption is optional.