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Guide to Floor Mats

Catch All Floor Mats

Find out more about Catch All Floor Mats

There are times in the life of many drivers when a regular floor mat simply does not offer enough protection, for instance if you live in a cold environment where heavy snow is common, or in a rainy climate where flooding can be a problem. Also, if your job brings you in contact with many different kinds of environmental waste, like battery acid or other such chemicals. For these situations, Catch All floor mats are a lifesaver.

Catch All floor mats are designed to protect your car’s floor from the worst messes possible. They give the appearance of original factory mats, but with the added bonus of extra durability against wear and tear.

These floor mats are expertly formed from OE nylon carpeting, carefully selected to provide the closest match possible to your vehicle’s interior, that has been welded to a rubberized plastic base. The upper carpet layer is treated with Scotchgard for extra stain-resistance and is finished with color-coordinated binding along the edges. The lower plastic layer features a studded grip pad to keep the mat from sliding around.

Catch All floor mats are custom-formed for your vehicle, while the outer edges have a molded tall upper lip designed to “catch” messes and contain them within the mat. For a further element of protection, the driver’s side mat has an electronically welded rubber heelpad to prevent damage from regular use. The mats can be cleaned easily with a hose and come complete with a patented snap fastener system to make installation a breeze.

Many companies offer Catch All floor mats, so it is very easy to find one to suit your needs and budget. The Automotive Accessories Connection carries them: a two-piece front set costs $69.95 and one 2nd seat mat $59.95. There is also a 2nd and 3rd seat area kit which runs for $98.95 and rear cargo liners for $89.95 or $109.95. Another company worth trying is Everything SUV, who offer Catch All floor mats from $39 to $119.

Another type of Catch All floor mat is the Xtreme Catch-All Liner. This is made entirely of a special thermoplastic compound called Xynet, which has the look and feel of rubber but sets up thicker and heavier. The material works on the most loathsome industrial-grade messes and chemicals known to man. Again, there is a raised upper lip to keep leaks and spills in the mat, and the mat is custom-formed for your vehicle. The upper side is textured to provide maximum traction and keep cargo in place when needed, and the underside is gripped to prevent the mat from moving around.

The Xtreme Catch-All cargo liner is also custom-fitted to stay snug within the boundaries of your cargo area, offering you and your load extra protection from the elements. Special snap fasteners from the manufacturer keep it in place and aid in installation. The mats are easy to hose clean and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking or splitting. From AutoAnything, these mats cost $64.95-$109.95.