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Guide to Floor Mats

Car Floor Mats

Find out more about Car Floor Mats

As your car undoubtedly gets much use from you and your passengers in all kinds of weather throughout its life, it is important to protect the floor carpeting from stains, dirt, and wear. This is where extra floor mats can make a great difference to your car. With car floor mats, you can get in and out of your car without worrying about dirt from rain or snow, and when you’re pressed for time, you can eat in your car knowing it’s protected from food spills.

A car with floor protection means that when you come to sell it, having the original carpet in good condition increases the value. Fortunately, there are a number of options for protective car floor mats.

Carpet Floor Mats

Car Accessories have a great selection of floor mats to fit all needs and budgets. Their most deluxe type of mat is the Carpet Floor Mat with Vinyl Binding. This is made from highly durable extra-thick 32 oz Dupont Antron nylon yarn which is cut from superior-quality Royaltuft weave pile, and will remain attractive for years to come.

They will custom-embroider your plain carpet floor mat with the logo or emblem of almost any car brand. The edges feature heavy-duty matching vinyl binding, which lasts much longer than other binding materials.

Finally, the car floor mats come complete with an exclusive ¼” rubber nibbed backing that will keep the mat in place and eliminate shifting, movement, or bunching-up. Because they are custom-made, the car floor mats fit your vehicle precisely, lending optimum protection for your original carpet while stylishly complementing your car’s décor. Prices vary according to the make of your car, but start at $119.95 for two front mats and $159.95 for both front and back.

Rubber Floor Mats

They also offer more rugged rubber floor mats which have deep underside ridges to keep it in place. These car floor mats are designed to withstand all types of temperatures and weather, and will never crack, curl, or bunch up, providing lasting protection for your car. They are also custom-made, easy to clean with a hose, and effectively trap dirt, water, grease, oil, and sand. Prices again vary by car, but start at $79.95 for front mats, $59.95 for rear, and $99.95 for both.

Plastic Floor Mats

For those on a budget, custom-made clear plastic floor mats can provide maximum protection from dirt, oil, grime, and more without breaking the bank. The mats are made of heavy vinyl, which is highly durable. Also, you can choose from over 4000 computer-cut patterns to fit your car exactly. The underside features a nibbed back for increased adhesion, meaning that it can easily fit over your existing floor mat if you want extra protection. They are easy to clean by hosing off, and start at $59.95 for two front mats, and $79.95 for four.