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Guide to Floor Mats

BMW Floor Mats

Find out more about BMW Floor Mats

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and are proud to drive a car of the highest quality, such as a BMW, but how do you make your prized possession last longer? Top quality floor mats made especially for your vehicle is the answer, as it will protect your car’s original fine carpeting from damage due to snow, ice, rainwater, mud, or grime.

There are a number of options available for BMW floor mats. AutoAnything is an excellent place to turn if you’re looking for the finest floor mats at an affordable price. They carry luxurious Lloyd Floor Mats, which are made of the finest DuPont nylon carpet in double-weight weave, a weave that has twice the thickness of most factory-crafted floor mats, yielding twice the wear. This carpet is meant to last a very long time, giving you many years of peace-of-mind knowing that your car floor is well protected from the elements.

For an extra touch of elegance or originality, you can have your Lloyd Mat embroidered with the BMW logo. Lloyd will custom-make their mat for your vehicle, and will include a two-year warranty and the exclusive TractionBac backing to keep it in place in your car. Prices for the 3 series BMW floor mats are as follows:

  • a four-piece front and back set runs for $129.95
  • a two-piece front set for $89.95
  • a two-piece back set for $49.95

AutoAnything also feature Berber Floor Mats, recreating for your car the luxurious look of Berber carpet that has regained popularity in the home. These BMW floor mats are woven from the same 48-ounce yarn as their home carpets and are finished with a serge-bound border for extra protection.

Berber carpet has a natural resistance to wearing, fading, or matting, making them perfect for automotive use. The bottom layer of carpet is ribbed on the underside to keep it firmly in place. Mats are available in dark or medium grey and beige, and black. For the 3 Series again four pieces front and back cost $129.95, two front mats $89.95, and two back are $49.95.

Car Accessories have a great selection for rubber floor mats and custom floor mats, you can select a design from up to four thousand exact, precision computer-cut patterns made exclusively from vehicle floorboards.

Every rubber floor mat from this site will be made to fit only your BMW, and is crafted from heavy-weight composition rubber which is specially designed to provide the highest possible protection from water damage for your vehicle’s carpet. The underside features a nibbed non-slip backing to prevent shifting, slipping, or bunching up while you drive.

The mats also have rounded cup holes around the edges which are designed to hold water, snow, mud, and grease and keep it within the mat. This is an extremely durable mat which will stay flexible even in sub-zero temperatures, so they are perfect for harsh climates. These mats are available for $59.95 for a two-piece front set.