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Guide to Floor Mats

Automotive Floor Mats

Find out more about Automotive Floor Mats

Investing in floor mats is a great way to preserve your vehicle, giving you many more years of use. Automotive floor mats help by protecting and saving the original factory carpet or floor mats from wear and tear caused by the elements.

There are several styles of mats around today:

  • rubber floor mats
  • carpet floor mats
  • plastic floor mats

Rubber floor mats are very helpful if your automobile is susceptible to snow or water damage, as they are made from a highly durable substance. Car Accessories carry a high-quality rubber mat which has the ability to trap and hold water, grease, mud, snow, salt and sand, protecting your car’s original carpet or floor mat.

The back of the mat has deep ridges to keep it in place without bunching up or sliding while in use. Rubber is a very hardy material and will not crack or warp in any temperature, plus they are easy to hose clean. A set of two front automotive floor mats costs $79.95, two back $59.95, and both together $99.95.

Car Accessories also have more economical clear plastic mats which are custom-made for your automobile, choose from up to four thousand computer-cut patterns designed to fit your car precisely.

These floor mats are made from heavy vinyl material, designed to provide the maximum protection for your original floor mat. These automotive floor mats also hose off easily and have a nibbed underside to keep them from moving around. Meant to fit over your existing mats, they cost $59.95 for two front mats and $79.95 for four front and back.

For a great carpet floor mat, the leaders are WeatherTech. On their site they carry the top-quality Advantage Luxury Carpet Mat, which takes an environmentally friendly rubber BathTub base and adds plush German carpet. The rubber base can hold up to 1½ quarts of liquid, offering excellent protection against snow and rain damage, and the carpet is woven from 550gsm Trimodal Tufted Polymide (TTP), harder-wearing and more UV resistant and color-fast than regular carpet materials.

TTP is also more stain-resistant than most carpet floor mats, decreasing wear and tear and making it much easier to keep the mats in top condition. These automotive floor mats are available for $54.95 for two black front mats and $59.95 for two grey or tan; and for four front and back mats, a set of black is $99.95, and grey or tan $109.95.

Another excellent carpet floor mat is available from GG Bailey. They have partnered with Stark Carpet, a highly respected name in interior design, to create the most elegant and luxurious automotive floor mats around. There are several special additions available, including mats emblazoned with the logo of your alma mater (a selection of several universities is in stock; however, you can request your own school).