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Guide to Floor Mats

Auto Floor Mats

Find out more about Auto Floor Mats

Protective floor mats can add years to the life of your car’s original carpet by providing effective protection against wear and tear. If you live in a climate where long snowy winters are the norm, you will find that auto floor mats are a lifesaver in terms of keeping ice and snow off the floor of your car. Even if you live in a hot climate, auto floor mats will help, especially if you live near the sea, by trapping sand.

For unbeatable protection in all kinds of weather, try WeatherTech’s Advantage Luxury Carpet Mats. WeatherTech begins by taking an environmentally friendly pure rubber BathTub base, which holds up to 1½ quarts of liquid. They then cover this with plush German carpet made of 550gsm Trimodal Tufted Polymide (TTP), a material that is more durable, UV resistant, stain-resistant, and color-fast than any other regular carpet. Through the company’s website, you can buy a set of black front mats for $54.95 and a set of grey or tan front mats for $59.95. Sets of four mats, both front and back, cost $95.95 for black and $109.95 for grey and tan.

AutoAnything have a huge selection of auto floor mats, including WeatherTech’s more basic rubber floor mats. It is crafted of soft, luxurious rubber which is sturdy enough to stay in place while protecting your carpet, yet is pliable and comfortable. This material is highly durable and can resist all kinds of temperatures and exposure to the elements.

The underside is specially ridged to keep in contact with the car floor at all times without bunching up, and the soft rubber upper tread provides great traction without damaging fine shoe soles.

Finally, there is a tall outer ridge which retains melt-water, mud, and other types of dirt. These auto floow mats can be easily cleaned with a hose, and are available in black, grey, and tan. Prices vary with the make of your car, but range from $39.95 to $129.95.

AutoAnything also sell the Xtreme Catch all floor mats for vehicles that encounter the worst environmental detritus imaginable. These mats consist of Xynet material, which is custom-formed to fit your car. This material comes out thicker and heavier than others, which keeps the mat in place and offers greater resistance against impact and tearing. The textured surface of these mats makes them ideal for construction and work vehicles, as it will prevent you and your cargo from sliding around. Also, the mats are bigger than others, giving you increased carpet coverage and protection. The tall outer lip keeps dirt inside the mat, and a patented anti-slip fastener system holds it in place permanently. These mats vary in price from $34.95 to $109.95.