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Guide to Floor Mats

Floor Mats

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A car, whether its your first, cheap clunker or a high-end luxury model, is a very big investment, and you would naturally want to get the most out of what your vehicle has to offer.

During your car’s lifetime, you will undoubtedly track in dirt, water, snow, salt, and sand, and in some cases even chemicals like gasoline and oil. All of these substances can take their toll on your car’s appearance, decreasing the amount of time its carpeting and floor mats will last, and decreasing resale value when it comes time to part with your vehicle. However, all is not lost: you can easily invest in high quality floor mats which you can place over your car’s original flooring or mats, giving extra protection against damage during your car’s lifetime. Thankfully, a huge selection of floor mats are available nowadays, to fit your car and budget’s every needs.

Carpet Floor Mats

For automobiles that will get less rugged use, carpet floor mats are perfect. These types of mat are generally woven from high-quality yarn, for instance nylon, polypropylene, Trimodal Tufted Polymide (TTP), or even Berber. These materials are all waterproof and stain resistant, so they can easily absorb liquids and mud to keep them from damaging your car floor. Almost all carpet floor mats are custom-made for your vehicle and come in a wide variety of colors. There is also an added bonus in that you can embellish your floor mat with embroidered logos, patterns, and lettering, lending a personal touch. Lloyd, WeatherTech, and GG Bailey are some companies who specialize in carpet floor mats.

Rubber Floor Mats

For a more heavy-duty option, turn to rubber floor mats. These mats are formed from various types of rubberised thermoplastic materials to provide excellent protection from the elements, and from most garage-borne chemicals. Rubber floor mats generally have deeply-ridged upper sides to give maximum traction and keep cargo in place when needed, yet oftentimes the rubber is fine enough not to damage shoe soles. Husky floor mats, WeatherTech, and Highland are the most well known names in rubber floor mats.

Catch All Floor Mats

Finally, for a higher level of protection, there are catch all floor mats, molded from thermoplastic materials again, and normally fused with carpeting to make a long lasting mat that can match your car’s décor.

Catch all floor mats feature a deep, raised upper lip to “catch” messes and keep them within the mat. The Catch-All name is unbeatable in the mat industry.

All types of floor mats will have some kind of ribbed, spiked, or gripped backing to keep the mat in place without bunching up or sliding around. If you have problems with oil leakage, or if you easily track water, snow, and dirt onto your garage, you might want to try garage floor mats. These are made of vinyl or polypropylene and can absorb either oil or liquid messes, keeping your garage floor and your house cleaner for longer. With all of these options available, finding the right floor mats for your needs should be no problem.