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Guide to Pets


Find out more about caring & providing for Pets

If you own a pet then you will no doubt be only too aware of just how much attention they require. For most pets, a daily feed and a place to sleep is just the beginning of the story.


Pets demand a great deal of time and effort but as owner’s we will do anything for them and for many pet owners keeping them healthy is a priority that is often placed even higher than our own health! A pet’s health can be a minefield of do's and don’ts, so if you are lost then look at the pet health section on this website, hopefully we can shed some light on a few gray areas for you.


In a similar way to health, the security of your pet is essential for all good pet owners. Technological advancements have meant that there are now many ways that you can keep track of where your pets are if they go astray and if your pet hasn’t wandered off just yet then read our pages on Pet ID Tags and Pet Identification for help and advice on how to stop it from happening. Imagine how upset your children will be if it does happen.


For dogs especially, training is an essential part of puppy hood and it is essential that your dog is trained well if they are to behave themselves in the future. Read our pages on pet training for more information in this area. An untrained pet can not only be a nuisance for the owner but also be an embarrassment. How many times have you seen a dog owner ashamed that they didn’t manage to stop their dog from doing something wrong in time? Don’t let it happen to you and your dog.

Gifts & Treats

Of course, most of us pet owners are just big softies on the inside and we love to buy our pets a present just as much as most of us love receiving presents ourselves! Showing your pet affection is essential in the build up of trust and what better way to do this than to please your pet with new pet toys, or perhaps some special treats such as dog chocolate or a bone to chew on. However, there are things to look out for, so look through our pages on pet gifts and pet lover gifts for more specific information.

Pet Loss

Like all living creatures, all of our pets will eventually die and it is a horrible experience. If you have found losing your pet hard to cope with then reading a page on what to do about it is not really going to help but it might make you see things in a different light. If you want something by which to remember your pet then a pet memorial stones might be the perfect answer.

Have a look at our page on pet memorial service for help on any of these issues. You will never forget the great times you had together with your pet, so you should be happy that you had those great times in the first place, not sad that there won’t be any more.