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Guide to Pet Medecines

Pet Medicines

Find out more about Discount Pet Medicines

As with any products, there is an increasing number of retailers working at the ‘discount’ end of the market. A plethora of pet pharmacies use the word ‘discount’ somewhere in their literature, primarily to attract traffic. As with any product you wish to buy at a discounted price, the internet is the best place to start your search.

To protect yourself from pet pharmacies selling discounted goods that are not effective or worth the money, look for a responsible pharmacy dealing in FDA approved pet medicines when buying online. To establish whether or not they are responsible, look for some information on the site informing you that you will need your vet’s authorization to have certain medicines shipped to you. Of course, this is not to say that there are not a number of sites selling discounted pet medicines that do not offer quality products that are not FDA approved, or sites that deal only in medicines that do not require authorization from your vet, as there are, but the chances are their stock will not be as wide and as a result of not selling such a wide range, their potential to offer larger discounts may be limited.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase your pet’s medicines, you should always consult your vet first, even if the medicines you need do not require your vet’s authorization.

Many of the results when you type discount pet medicines into a search engine lead to PetMeds, and with good reason. PetMeds, a publicly traded company, is the largest online pet pharmacy in the US, as will become clear if you visit their site. You can clearly see which medicines are FDA approved, as well as which medicines require the authorisation of a veterinary surgeon prior to shipping.

Discount Pet Medicines is a good alternative site to PetMeds, offering much the same stock in much the same way. A further alternative is the Canadian pet pharmacy PetDrugs, which like PetMeds will not allow you to buy prescription drugs without a prescription.

The lowest pet medicine prices are often found at online pet pharmacies like America’s Pet Meds and Pet Shed, though these stores only deal in the types of pet medicines you can pick off the shelf at your local pet store and not prescription medicines.

Discount Pet Medicines is also well worth a look when buying your pet medicines online, especially if you know what drugs you require, since it offers a price comparison facility, enabling you to compare a large range of standard products such as Frontline, Sentinel, Heartguard Plus and Revolution at AbsolutelyPets, EntirelyPets, PetCare Rx, 1800PetMeds and Petscriptions.