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Guide to Cats


Find out more about Cats

People have kept cats in their homes for hundreds if not thousands of years. We find them fascinating because they are so different to us. Cat behavior can sometimes be infuriating, as it doesn’t seem to make sense, but this is what makes them such great pets and so interesting to live with. Cats behave in ways that we find strange because, unlike us, they do not need to live in groups too survive. This means that they don’t fit into our social patterns and won’t respond to a situation in the same way we would. They are very independent animals but this just means that it is even more rewarding when they show their affection.

Despite their independent nature, cat care is essential when cats are kept as pets. You need to give your cat space to sleep, play and eat as well as making sure they receive all the right nutrition and medication they need to stay fit and healthy. What your cat eats can make a huge difference to his well being. Cats have four basic dietary requirements: protein from an animal source, taurine, other fats, minerals and vitamins, and water. You should always make sure that there is water readily available to your cat. All the other nutritional needs should be met through your cat’s food or in supplements if necessary. If you like giving your cat treats, it is best to buy special cat treats rather than giving pieces of your own food as some food that we eat is toxic to cats.

Every one knows that cats are very inquisitive creatures-hence the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’. This side of their nature combined with their natural hunting and chasing instinct means that your cat will want to play. There are lots of different cat toys available so you can vary what you give them to keep them mentally active. Playing with your cat will also bring you closer to him so you can have a more rewarding relationship.

It is a well known fact that keeping pets can improve your quality of life and this is certainly true of cats. If you are prepared to put in a bit of time and effort, you will have a great companion and friend who will be there for you when you need comfort as well as challenging you and keeping you on your toes. If you do decide to have a cat, whether he is a pedigree kitten or a stray rescued from the local pound, your life will never be dull again!