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Guide to Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Find out more about Swimming Pools

The information on this site is here to give you a more thorough awareness about swimming pools for the home. Just about anything you need to know about swimming pools is covered somewhere, so if you’re thinking about buying or building a swimming pool in your garden, bookmark this site as a reference point now.

The first main section of the site is an overview of swimming pools, particularly with reference to in ground pools. Various manufacturers are looked covered, for instance Doughboy® and Intex (designers of the Easy Set™ pool), as are the essential aspects of swimming pool maintenance. If looked after properly, a good quality new swimming pool could serve you well for the rest of your life.

If you don’t respect it and treat it well, it will very quickly become unusable, and cost you a huge amount of money to repair. Once you have invested in the installation of a swimming pool, you won't want to find that you are restricted to simply sitting nearby and reading your book or playing online games of partypoker dk, because it has become unsuitable for use. However, if you are prepared to take good care of your pool, then this can ensure that you are able to make the most of your investment for many years to come. If you have owned a swimming pool for several years and are still using the same cleaning and maintenance techniques as you were when you first bought the pool, you might want to look through our maintenance based pages to bring yourself a little more up to date with modern cleaning techniques and technological advances.

There are also several smaller sections to the site, which look more specifically at individual aspects or types of pools. There are many more products that you need for your swimming pool in addition to the large hole in the ground and this is a great place to learn all about them. These sections include swimming pool decks, above ground pools, fiberglass pools, swimming pool covers and pool cleaning. There are also many others.

It is advisable to approach buying a swimming pool with an open mind. Soak up some of the advice given here and don’t dismiss anything until you know that it won’t work for your circumstances.

Throughout the site, you will see various references to specific retailers, or other information pages, but not on every page. Swimming pools are such big business that retailers are so easy to find. We are just attempting to point out places for you to start looking, and to help you understand some of the concepts that we talk about in the site. Often the links are to retailers with a good range of stock rather than the best prices. Our intention is to show you as many possibilities as we can, not to find you the best price. Prices are changing continuously, so it is much better if you do this yourself. If you are looking for a quick way to find a good deal, it is highly recommended that you use a price comparison website, such as