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Guide to Signs


Find out more about the different types of Signs

Designed to alert attention, signs are used in all industries across the globe: health and safety, education, commerce and they are a major tool in advertising. They are made out of many different materials, tin, vinyl, wood, plastic and steel. Signs can be used to show positive or negative instructions and all information must be short and precise.

Signs must be designed in a manner to command attention at an instant. Certain colors carry different messages and red often implies danger signals prohibitions as green or blue tend to portray positive instructions. Diagrams are often used on signs to efficiently provide information which children, adults, and foreigners who do not speak the language can understand. Common symbols are used such as exclamation marks to advise awareness, or arrows to show directions.

Road signs are vital for safe travel and specifications of road sign properties including design, placement and application details are recorded in the Manuel on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) published by the Federal Highway Administration. These standards are written to ensure a uniform standard of road signing in America which will encourage a quicker reaction time.

Signs are used in every corner of the commercial business. They inform customers if a shop is open or closed, they show the type of product that is for sale is used extensively in any advertisements. Advertising is an art of its own but all businesses need promotions to ensure a healthy cash flow. Signs are an excellent way of advertising because they provide information even when the business is closed and give the facility to advertise your product or business across the town, country or even across the other side of the world.

Neon signs are an excellent way of promoting businesses and are valuable assets for the entertainment trade of bars, clubs and sporting events. Neon provides a punchy, ostentatious and modern method of advertising. Signs can be seen miles away and are visible through day and night, obviously with the most effect at night. They are a cost effective advertising mechanism which last for years. They are energy efficient, maintenance free and they are guaranteed to arrest interest of passers by.

Signs have practical uses such as giving directions for car parks, warnings for any road constructions, giving instructions for traffic flow which eases the congestion of roads helping to make our journeys less complicated and ultimately safer. Signs have many mundane but vital benefits such as identifying streets, showing houses for sale, prohibiting smoking and showing community areas such as churches, doctors and hospitals in recognisable signing methods.

Digital signs are a crystal clear way of giving information, digital screens are used in train stations and airports to show departure and arrival times, all crucial for the running of day to day life.