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Guide to Sheds

Wood Storage Sheds

Find out more about Wood Storage Sheds

For many people building a shed in their garden has made a radical difference to the amount of space that is available in the rest of their houses. Garages, for instance, can be used to house the car once more rather than being filled with the junk that you don’t know where else to put.

Wood storage sheds can be as small as you can possibly need. For gardens where space is extremely limited you can buy sheds that resemble a coffin standing on its end! Whilst this might not be the most appealing analogy you will probably get the picture and where space is an issue, vertical based storage sheds are the best option. These small sheds are designed to keep a selection of rakes and spades etc (i.e. tall things with handles) and perhaps a small barbecue but that’ about it really. However if you don’t have any grass and don’t need to put anything else in the shed, then a small shed could be all you need and at under $500 they are much cheaper than a full sized shed.

However if you need more space in your shed than this, you will have to go for a more standard sized shed. The smallest standard shaped shed is usually about 6’ x 8’ and the largest is about 10’ x 12’. It is vital that you plan what you are going to keep in the wood storage sheds so that you know how much space you will need, most sheds cost at least $1300 so you won’t want to make the wrong choice and have to buy another one in 6 months time.

In comparison to some of the huge metal storage sheds, wood storage sheds tend to be much smaller. Some of the largest metal storage sheds can even be used as a garage, but this is not the case with a wooden shed. This is because the metal (usually galvanized steel) that is used in storage sheds is much stronger than the wood, so there are more possibilities in terms of size. If you are looking for a really big shed then its probably better to opt for a metal shed rather than a wooden shed.

For families who want to keep their garden tools and equipment out of sight but don’t want ugly wood storage sheds staring at them every time they look out the window, a novelty shed could be the answer. Some of these sheds look more like summerhouses or miniature cottages but are certainly more appealing to the eye than a simple wooden shed, but only if placed in the right surrounding. You have to be certain that you have the right setting for one of these sheds, otherwise you’re probably best to stick with a traditional style.