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Guide to Sheds

Wood Sheds

Find out more about Wood Sheds

Traditionally speaking wood is the most common material from which to build a shed and is still the material that most people think of straight away when the subject of sheds is brought up. Wood allows the shed to be designed in just about any style and is therefore extremely versatile. With regular wood treatment rotting can be prevented whilst a good solid base to build the shed on will help resist warping and splitting.

Usually wood sheds are bought in a kit form, meaning that the shed will arrive at your house with every piece of wood cut to size but flat packed. Some companies offer installation as part of their service, but as long as you have someone to help you and are in good physical condition (i.e. do not suffer from any heart problems etc) then building the shed yourself is relatively straightforward and usually a very enjoyable process.

Shed kits can be bought easily both online and in local garden centers and it is advisable to shop locally if you can so that you can see a complete shed in the flesh before you buy. In addition to shed kits you can also find shed plans from which you can build a shed from. However you will need to find and cut all the timber to size, so this is a method that is only recommended if you enjoy woodwork. Some plans can be downloaded for free on the internet whereas others will set you back about $7-$15.

Whilst traditional looking wood sheds are still the most popular design, many sheds these days are more like fantasy retreats than a storage shed. Scouting the internet will bring back many results of the more exotic sheds that are available.

When asked how they ever managed without a shed, most people have no answer such is their value to the majority of people's way of life. A shed can be used to keep many kinds of things out of the way such as lawn mowers and patio furniture in the winter months. However there are some things that you should think twice about before putting into a shed.

A thief for instance, can use tools, to break into your house so it is wise to keep these in a secure area, preferably within the four walls of your house. Ladders are similar, it is alarming how easy it is for upstairs windows to be opened if the thief can get to them so if you have nowhere else to put your ladders make sure they are securely fastened to the walls of the shed so that they cannot be removed easily. Like any building, much of the security of a shed is determined by a lock. Secure locks can be bought now with your shed but if you feel your lock is not safe then you should keep valuable objects in the house if possible. You should also consider whether it is safe to store a particular object in a wood sheds without creating a fire hazard.