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Vinyl Storage Sheds

Find out more about Vinyl Storage Sheds

Just a decade ago, the only options in terms of materials for your shed would have been wood and metal. Both of these materials are strong and successful when used for construction purposes but will also succumb to the elements after a while. In both cases, the rotting and rusting that results from years of exposure to natural conditions will lead to structural weaknesses.

Vinyl is a man made material that can be both soft and hard and is often used in modern window frames and doors. Due to its nature it is not affected by exposure to water etc and is therefore a very realistic alternative to the more traditional shed building materials. In addition, storage sheds made from vinyl can easily be kept clean just by wiping the surfaces occasionally. No other treatment is required whereas wood, for instance, needs to be treated fairly regularly to minimize the effects of weathering.

Like all buildings, sheds need a base in order to be secure and steady. With vinyl storage sheds, it is highly recommended that you install a vinyl base: some models require a special base in order to be used safely.

You can normally buy a base system when you purchase your shed and you might even find that some vinyl storage sheds can only be used with a particular base. The biggest advantage of using a vinyl base system over more traditional methods is the base can be moved around if you decide to do so. Perhaps you might find a more appropriate spot for your storage shed or if you move house or premises you can easily take your storage shed with you.

The only downside to using vinyl sheds is the loss of the natural features that wood sheds benefit from. Some companies are now producing a wood finish on their vinyl storage sheds for people who want the look of a wooden shed but with the benefits of vinyl. However some would argue that there is no point in pretending that the shed is something that it isn't and that vinyl's 'natural' appearance is a plastic look so why not go for that? If your vinyl shed really bothers you can always plant bushes and plants around the base to camouflage it a little.

Vinyl storage sheds come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles ranging from just big enough to contain lawn mowers to a replacement garage or workshop system. In all cases it is very useful to be able to move the structure around if you feel the need to and the lack of maintenance is a real plus. If your storage shed is going to be used in a business the lack of maintenance time could lead to greater profitability for your business.

When constructing vinyl storage sheds, it is essential that you have someone to help you. Most companies supply clear instructions and if you are not sure you can always call their help-lines for any additional advice or information. It is best to set aside a whole day for the job and a two man workforce should be able to fully install a vinyl shed with a vinyl base system in about 7-8 hours.