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Guide to Sheds

Storage Shed Plans

Find out more about Storage Shed Plans

Storage sheds will give you a large amount of extra space which you can use to store all your garden tools, equipment and furniture and other bulky objects. Once your shed is built you will probably be surprised that you ever managed without one and if you decide to build your shed yourself you will probably find it a very rewarding task.

If you do build your own shed you have two basic options. The first is to purchase a shed kit, which comes with all the necessary parts all cut to size (but probably won't include the concrete that is necessary for the base of the shed). Shed kits are available in many different designs and sizes and could be your best option especially if you don't have many wood cutting tools. All kit sheds will come with detailed shed plans that guide you through the process of building your shed.

The second and more adventurous option is to get your hands on a set of storage shed plans. These can easily be found on the internet and in books. Some plans can be downloaded for free, but if you choose to use free shed plans, you must make sure that they are thorough and clear. Printed on A4, a good set of shed plans will probably take up about 7-10 sheets complete with instructions, material lists and tool lists.

If you build a shed from storage shed plans, you must make sure that you are able to get all the required parts before you start work. Also make sure that you have the tools to cut the wood to the right sizes and shapes, you don't want to discover that you need to buy an expensive piece of equipment half way through the construction process.

There are many places on the internet where you can obtain storage shed plans. Before choosing a plan you need to have a size in mind and preferably a style too, although you might change your mind if you see some of the shed designs that can be built, so don't be too set on one particular style. Shed plans tend to be about $7-$15 per plan so whilst this is not a huge amount of money you won't want to waste money on plans that you won't use. Make sure you think about all your possible requirements of a storage shed before buying a plan.

If you choose to buy, you will most likely have a choice between downloading the plans and having the plan sent to you. Most plans should be clear enough if you print them out yourself.

Many websites that are devoted to sheds or shed building offer a good selection of storage shed plans, some of which are free. In addition, DIY sites offer a good alternative and even if you don't use the plans that are offered by DIY sites you might find some helpful information and tips on these sites.