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Guide to Sheds

Steel Sheds

Find out more about Steel Sheds

Most metal sheds are made from steel, or more specifically galvanized steel. This is steel that contains a thin layer of zinc in order to provide protection against rusting which greatly increases the lifespan of the steel, keeping it safer and better looking for longer.

Steel sheds come in many sizes and designs. Some are so small that they are just big enough to house lawn mowers and perhaps a barbecue as well, whereas others are big enough to store a tractor and more.

With such a wide range it is very helpful if you know exactly what you want to store in your steel shed before you buy one otherwise you could end up with a much larger shed than you need. Whilst most steel sheds are well designed and as attractive in design as they can possibly be, your premises/garden is no doubt infinitely more attractive and ideally you should keep the size of the space taken up by the shed as small as possible without leaving you having to cram everything inside the shed that you want to keep in there.

Across America there are many places where you can buy steel sheds of all sizes. Most companies specialize in either small-normal sized sheds or massive sheds that most people would term as a warehouse or a barn. For these larger sheds you are advised to consult your local building authority as you will probably need to obtain permission before you can start to build. This will come as no surprise when you learn that some of the largest models can be bigger than some houses!

If your needs are very specific, some companies, such as American Steel Span® for instance, will build a model based on your specifications, which means that you get the perfect shed for your needs. Be aware, however, that American Steel Span® focus on the larger sheds. Some of the sheds on their site are massive and are extremely smart, strong and secure too.

Most larger sheds are equipped with electrical facilities because very large sheds would be too dark to be used safely without good lighting. It is impossible to give price ranges for these larger sheds because their prices depend on exact specifications, but it is of no surprise to know that they cost many thousands of dollars.

Steel sheds are generally speaking better equipped for commercial use (i.e. for use on farms or businesses that need additional storage space) rather than domestic use. Usually typical wooden garden sheds are perfectly good enough for domestic use, although domestic versions of metal sheds do exist. In most gardens, however, wood sheds will probably look much better than a metal shed and if you treat it with care then a wooden shed will last a good length of time.