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Guide to Sheds

Shed Plans

Find out more about Shed Plans

Building a shed in your garden will be a fun, useful and very rewarding experience and it is likely that the extra space that the shed will create for you will become invaluable. Like all buildings, sheds need to be carefully planned and if you intend to build the shed yourself you should consider building your shed to a pre-made plan. These can easily be found on the internet or in books and most good shed plans will guide you through every step of how to build a shed.

There are many stages that are involved in building a shed. First of all you must have a size in mind for the size of your shed. The base of the shed, like the foundations of a house, forms a vital part of building the shed and there are many methods that are used for this purpose. One of the most common and reliable is a base made from a solid concrete block. Some shed plans can only be used with a specific type of base. If you decide that you don't want to use a certain method then you should immediately discount the plans that use these techniques.

Most shed plans are supplied on between 7 and 12 sheets of paper. Any plans that supposedly tell you all that you need to know in just one or two are either meant for experts or more likely are no use to anyone. Shed plans can be found in books, which you will obviously have to buy, or on the internet. Internet based plans could be free or you might need to pay a fee, usually between $7 and $15. Usually it is the free shed plans that tend to be less thorough, although there are many free shed plans that are excellent and tell you all that you need to know.

Ideally you should have a certain amount of experience with wood before you attempt to build a shed, although the process of building a shed should be fun. The length of time needed to build a shed obviously depends on how skilled you are, how big the shed is, the condition of the ground and weather and how many people you have available to help you.

It is advised that you should have at least two people on the job otherwise something is likely to go wrong. For instance, even before you begin working with the wood, the concrete base will need to be leveled, a task that requires two people to be successful. On average, a relatively skilled 2 man work force should be able to build at a rate 4sq feet per hour.