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Guide to Sheds

Shed Kits

Find out more about Shed Kits

Buying a shed in kit form is the most popular method of buying a shed and could save you a massive amount of money in comparison to a pre-built shed being delivered and installed. Usually only the largest home/garden improvement businesses offer this kind of service and in most cases the kit form is likely to be your best option when you consider time and effort in relation to the costs.

Shed kits can easily be found at your local garden center and most good garden centers will have a wide range of sheds to choose from. You should be able to find a suitable shed for your needs with very little effort, although the shed designs are likely to be traditional.

These days sheds are available in a vast range of styles which is excellent news for the design conscious among us. However, most people's primary need for a shed is a secure place to keep equipment and general gardening tools and the durability of the shed is usually far more important than its visual design.

How much do they cost?

The cost of shed kits obviously varies depending on the size and design of the shed, but a typical 8'x 6.5' shed will probably cost you in the region of $1500-$3000. If you look around you might be able to find lower prices and prices for more intricate and unique designs are much higher.

A preassembled shed will usually add at least $200 onto this price (often more) so it is really worthwhile buying in kit form if you can. However, it is essential that you have someone who can help you to construct the shed as it is a job that requires more than one person.

When you are choosing a particular shed kit it is best to shop around locally if possible so that you can actually see how big the shed is. Whilst there are many places on the internet where you can buy shed kits, it is sometimes hard to know what exactly you will get without seeing a built up shed in the flesh. However if you know you are looking for a particular model then the internet can be a valuable place to find the best prices and when you first start looking for a shed you can easily find all sorts of designs just by looking at various websites.

If you have specific needs for your shed that cannot be accommodated by most designs, some companies offer a service allowing you to design the shed yourself. The company will then supply your custom designed shed to you in kit form.

These days, sheds are available in materials such as vinyl as well as the more traditional wood or metal structures. It is vital that you consider what you will use the shed for before you choose a type of material as your choice of material could limit your uses considerably. For instance, metal sheds tend to get very warm in summer months and are therefore unsuitable for the storage of petrol and other flammable chemicals. Vinyl sheds may look a little artificial but will save you a lot of effort in the long run as no treatment is required to prevent weathering effects such as rotting or rusting as is common with metal and wood sheds.