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Shed Designs

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Just a decade ago there was very little choice in the shed market. All you had to do was choose where to buy the shed from, choose and a size. Although styles varied from shed to shed, overall they were relatively similar so differences in ‘style’ tended to be minor tweaks and additions. Most garden sheds were made from wood, either in the form of planks or logs and metal sheds had gone out of fashion.

Today the market has changed completely and whilst these standard sheds remain the core of the choice that is available to consumers there are now many others that you can buy instead if you are feeling a bit bored of the same old basic shed designs.

Some of the sheds that are available today are more like miniature cottages or summerhouses than a garden shed, but if you feel that one of these sheds might look better in your garden than a standard garden shed it might be an avenue that is worth exploring.

The size of garden sheds has remained relatively constant over the years and an average sized garden shed measures about 8’ x 12’ approximately speaking. However, models as small as 6’ x 8’ are available and most standard garden sheds can be as big as 10’x 12’. Of course the size you need is determined by how much space you have in the garden and how much equipment you want to keep in the shed. Unless you are buying one of the better looking novelty designs it is likely that you will want your shed to be as small as possible so that you can enjoy as much of your garden as possible.

If you have your heart set on a novelty design the internet will probably be the best place to look as the range of choice is as big as it can possibly be. Therefore you are likely to come across shed designs that you deem to be perfect.

For standard sheds you are advised to shop in your local garden centers or at least have a look there first before ordering from an internet based store. If you are interested in buying a novelty design it is advisable to check out any consumer reviews you can find about a particular model. Simply type the shed model followed by ‘reviews’ or ‘consumer reviews’ into a search engine and see what comes back. If a particular model has bad reviews you should think twice before ordering it.

Remember that as nice as a particular model might look it is essentially just a shed and its stability and ability to stand up to the weather is fundamentally more important than how many flower boxes it has.