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Guide to Sheds

Shed Building Plans

Find out more about Shed Building Plans

Most sheds these days are shipped in kit form meaning that you have to construct the shed yourself. Sheds shipped in kit form come equipped with all the parts cut to size and a set of shed building plans, instructions, tool list and sometimes a video.

For most people this is enough of a challenge but hardcore DIY enthusiasts will no doubt be left wanting more. For those who want a real challenge you can download or buy sets of architectural plans for sheds. Sometimes these plans include a list of instructions and a tools list but you will have to find and cut the wood yourself. We mention wood because it is assumed that all plans for a DIY shed use wood as the primary construction material rather than metal or vinyl as it is much more workable and requires less heavy machinery.

So when it comes to choosing shed plans you have three main options as to where you are going to get the plan from. You could buy a DIY or woodworking book that contains a suitable plan and work from this, which could well be a very good choice depending on how experienced you are. Alternatively you can find shed building plans on the internet that cost in the region of $7-$20.

If you are paying for a plan without being able to see the plan first, you must be sure that you trust the site that you are purchasing the plan from. Shed plans should be very thorough and good plans will leave you in no doubt as to how to construct your shed. Printed on A4 paper this can usually take between 7 and 10 pages so if you suspect that the site you are looking at is not thorough then it might be better to look elsewhere.

The last option is again internet based but this time relates to shed building plans that can be downloaded at no cost. These are rarer than the plans you need to pay for but nonetheless some good plans do exist, although there are plenty of not so good plans too. Again you should be wary of anything that leaves you with too many questions left unanswered. There are many places to look but a few good places to start include specialist shed websites, woodworking websites and general DIY websites.

Free shed plans are usually only available for shed designs that are simple, as opposed to some of the elaborate designs that have sprung up in recent years. If you are very particular and determined you could even design the shed yourself. There are tools on the internet that help you do this. Some shops will even sell you a shed with plans that you have designed in kit form. The more creative among us might find a greater sense of achievement from designing their own shed rather than chopping various pieces of wood to size to fit a pre made plan.