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Rubbermaid Storage Sheds

Find out more about Rubbermaid Storage Sheds

Traditionally speaking most garden sheds are made from wood or possibly metal but over the last few years alternative materials have gradually been introduced. Rubbermaid are a supplier of alternative material sheds and there are many benefits to the materials that they use over more traditional materials such as wood, for example.

Rubbermaid is a company that has specialized in the production of plastics since 1933 and has a vast range of household products that have revolutionized the way we live our lives over many years. Whilst the majority of their products are based on indoor use, it was only a matter of time before Rubbermaid branched out into the gardening market. Rubbermaid storage sheds are solid, durable and smart looking designs, but the most important feature is that they are weatherproof. Wood and metal will eventually rot or rust respectively but a plastics based shed has the ability to fight off the demands of the weather.

Rubbermaid produce a range of ten sheds that are particularly aimed at the domestic market. They are all varied in style and design, ranging from very small to a good sized garden shed (although these sheds are by no means the largest available on the market).

Horizontal and Vertical Sheds

The smallest sheds come in horizontal and vertical designs. The vertical design is essentially a weatherproof wardrobe. If space is tight in your garden then this is a great option, particularly if you have no grass but enjoy plant potting, for example. These vertical sheds have shelves and a lockable door (although the lock is not included) and can easily be put together.

The horizontal sheds are better suited to storing a lawn mower, or a barbecue and if this is all you want to store in your shed (plus a few plant pots or other small items) then its perfect even for larger gardens. Providing you can access one side of the shed you can easily hide the shed behind a bush keeping it out of site, which is great for security purposes as well as aesthetics.

The larger Rubbermaid storage sheds look like a combination between a large wardrobe and a garage and contain shelving systems that help you to get the most out of the space that is available. Whist the resistance to weathering is one of the main selling points of these sheds the price is another and most large models cost under $500, which is significantly cheaper than most good wood sheds.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to worry about the quality of the materials – some wooden sheds are cheap because the quality of the wood is poor, but Rubbermaid is a proven company and most consumers have been very happy with the quality of their Rubbermaid storage sheds.