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Guide to Sheds

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Find out more about Outdoor Storage Sheds

Outdoor storage sheds are extremely useful pieces of equipment and can help you make the most of the space that is available on your premises. 10 or 20 years ago most sheds were made from wood or possibly metal and the range of designs was quite limited in comparison to what is available today. With the help of the internet it is easy to find the perfect shed for your needs if you look around a little. You can even buy sheds with more than one storey and some shed designs can be safely equipped with electric lighting.

If you are going to build the shed in your garden you need to have a size in mind. As with the range of styles, the range of sizes of outdoor storage sheds is massive and in order to choose the right size, you need to think about all possible uses you might have for the shed.

For instance, will it simply be to store tools and garden equipment such as lawn mowers and patio furniture or will you be using the shed for hobby purposes, such as a model railway or woodworking? Your garden should also play a part in your choice of shed size. You won't want your entire garden to be taken up by a shed as nice as the shed may be so in order to enjoy as much of your garden as possible it is wise to choose a shed that is as small as you can get away with, but don't leave yourself with no option but to cram things in.

If you will be storing valuable equipment in your shed you should look for advice on shed security issues. These relate not only to the security of the shed itself but also to the kinds of things you should and should not store in your shed. For instance, it is unwise to store your general tools in a shed as they can easily be used by thieves to break into your house. Likewise if you keep ladders in the shed, make sure that they are chained up securely and therefore cannot be used as easily to assist with a break-in on your house. A secure garage is usually a better place to store ladders if this is possible.

How much do they cost?

In terms of costs, you can pay anything from the cost of the wood and other materials to over $1000 for outdoor storage sheds. You have the choice of building a shed yourself from a set of shed plans (which means that you will need to buy and cut all the materials yourself) or simply assembling the shed and securing it to a base as with flat packed furniture. The more unique designs tend to be flat packed sheds which you can find in most good garden centers and also through many online retailers.