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Guide to Sheds

Metal Storage Sheds

Find out more about Metal Storage Sheds

There are many advantages to buying metal storage sheds over wood sheds. Metal sheds are stronger and more secure (if kitted out with a good locking system) than wood sheds and are also usually fire resistant (depending on the coating on the metal). This means that you can keep valuable equipment in metal storage sheds and maintain peace of mind.

Metal storage sheds are available in a wide range of sizes and can therefore cater for a wide range of needs. The smallest sheds are more like large boxes and are designed to squeeze in a lawn mower and a few other small garden tools or perhaps a barbeque. For gardens where space is an issue this is a great option and these storage sheds can easily be hidden behind a few bushes.

Larger shed designs are suitable for storing a bicycle and there are some designs that are designed especially for your motorbike. Sizes range up to the size of a large garage, and these metal storage sheds can be used exactly as that, or perhaps you'd rather convert your shed into a workshop or general equipment store. This type of shed can be especially useful on farms or for warehouses where equipment such as fork lift trucks need to be used outside as well as inside.

If your shed is likely to be a large design you might need to obtain clearance from your local building authority before constructing the shed. Normally metal storage sheds of an average size don't require any official permission but it is always better to check with your local authority just in case. Some of the larger storage sheds often have a second storey and these sheds often do require some level of permission. Therefore if you are hoping to buy a metal shed to use as a garage or large workshop you will probably need to obtain permission before proceeding.

One of the greatest advantages of metal storage sheds is that very little treatment is required in to prevent weathering effects. All good metal sheds will be treated with a coating that helps guard against rusting. Providing the shed is constructed properly there will be no leaks or other structural problems and the roof will not need to be re-felted or retreated as is common with many wooden sheds.

It is, however, advisable to check that everything that you intend to store in your shed is suitable to be kept in a metal shed. Some gases for instance can react to heat and in a warm environment a metal shed will heat up a lot which could cause an explosion. It is vital that you consider these issues now before you've made your decision in order to help prevent an accident from happening.