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Guide to Sheds

Machine Sheds

Find out more about Machine Sheds

Machine sheds are particularly suitable for farms and other businesses that require a large amount of machinery that often needs to be moved. Large machine sheds could really help you to get the most from the space on your premises and will give you a chance to store all your heavy equipment together. This is both better for the machinery involved and looks much smarter, a sure way to impress visitors who you might be tempting to invest in your company.

These days machine sheds are just like barns or warehouses and can be absolutely huge. It is advisable to deal with a company that specializes in designing such large sheds, and two fine examples of this type of company are the National Barn Company and American Steel SpanĀ®. Both companies have many years in the industry and their products are very different to each other in terms of style, so you are probably going to find something that you like on one of the two sites. The cost of these large machine sheds depends entirely on your specifications and they are often built specifically to your needs, so you need to get in touch directly with the company to get a quote.

If you (and a few colleagues) are feeling particularly adventurous, you can also download shed plans for machine sheds that you can then build yourself. However, you need to be experienced in construction before attempting to build a shed yourself due to the sheer size of the shed that you will be building. If you are feeling confident, have a look at a few plans and see if you feel you can make a good job. A good place to look for these large-scale plans is the MidWest Plan Service (MWPS). If you are doubtful you should revert to the more common solution, which is to find a specialist company such as those mentioned above.

It will probably come as no surprise to know that the majority of these large machine sheds require planning permission. Some of the shed designs are so big that building a machine shed is literally like constructing a new building and you must make sure that you have the proper authorization before you begin. It is advisable to have a machine shed installed professionally, which may cost more but will probably help you in the long term. This is particularly the case if your shed is going to be wired up to an electrical supply.

Most machine sheds are so big that electric lighting is needed in order to see clearly inside even with the doors open. A business that does not supply good lighting on its premises can get into serious health and safety troubles, so it is essential that you do agree to electricity and lighting being installed if it is recommended by the company that is designing your shed.