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Guide to Sheds

Garden Shed Plans

Find out more about Garden Shed Plans

The most common way to buy sheds is in kit form, which means that the shed arrives at your door like a piece of flat packed furniture and all you have to do is decipher the plans and put it all together. However, some passionate DIY fanatics might consider that the kit system is cheating and if you are building a shed partly for enjoyment then you should do everything yourself.

Thanks to the internet this is now easier than ever before. Previously you would have to buy a book, subscribe to a magazine or visit your local woodworking store to get suitable garden shed plans. These days you can download shed plans. Some of the plans can even be downloaded for free but they tend to be for very simple designs. If you are looking for something slightly unusual or perhaps just a bit bigger than the average garden shed you will probably have to pay. However the costs are minimal and from between $7 and $20 you can find many excellent garden shed plans.

Beware though of plans that leave you with questions. It is a good idea to download a series of free shed plans. These are often in the form of a PDF file so you will also need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you haven't already done so.

Printed onto A4 sheets, a good set of shed plans will probably be spread over 7-10 sheets so anything less is likely to leave you with questions. However if you download a few plans you will get a feel for what is good and what is not meaning that you are less likely to be caught out purchasing the first plan that you see. Of course you might even come across some good free storage shed plans too in the process and you could save yourself a buck or two. There are some very good free plans out there, but there are also some that leave a lot to be desired.

If you are feeling really adventurous you could even design your own shed. Many online stores have tools to let you create your own shed designs without leaving your house and often these stores will ship the wood to you in kit form but cut to your specifications. Unless you have very specific needs this could save you a lot of time and also be even more rewarding than simply cutting up wooden planks to different lengths. If you'd rather do both you can probably arrange for just the plans to be checked over by a professional company and the rest is then up to you.

It is advisable to check out planning regulations in your area before constructing a shed. Most garden sheds do not require planning permission but it is always worth checking. However, if your shed is likely to be large or perhaps with a second floor even then you might need permission. It is always advisable to check before you begin the construction process.