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Guide to Sheds

Free Shed Plans

Find out more about Free Shed Plans

There are lots of places on the internet where you can download shed plans for making a shed. Some of these you will have to pay for and others you can download for free. When you are making your choices, bear in mind that some free plans may not be as thorough as others so don't decide to use the first plan you come across without looking at any of the alternatives.

Whilst some free shed plans are not particularly useful unless you already know a great deal about how to build a shed, there are some plans that tell you all you need to know. These more thorough plans will have many different architectural diagrams from different elevations and perspectives and will give you a list of required materials and tools. For people who have never made a shed before this can be both extremely useful and very reassuring.

Most of the free shed plans that are available on the internet are plans for relatively simple designs, I.e. Plans that don't have a second floor for instance. For more complicated plans you will either have to pay to download or order the plans, or you could look in a book.

Your level of skill shouldn't put you off building a shed. If you stick to the plans and have at least one person on hand to help you build the shed you should be ok. As an alternative to building a shed from free plan, you could consider purchasing a shed kit. Shed kits have all the parts cut to size so all you have to do is create a stable base and assemble the shed. However, the adventurous among us might feel that buying a kit shed is a form of cheating! Certainly knowing that you have built your shed from scratch will be more rewarding than saying that you have only put it together.

Free shed plans can easily be found by searching the internet, but beware of plans that come on anything less than 7 pages. Even a small shed requires a detailed construction procedure and choosing a detailed plan is a large part of making your shed last as long as possible.

If you have never made a shed before it is essential that you choose a plan that gives you a step by step guide through the whole process. There are many places where these can be found, but Plan Image have an excellent model. The detailed diagrams supplied here leave you in no doubt as to the build process and the directions that can be found on the last sheet of the plan is a real help when putting the shed together.

There are also several websites dedicated to sheds and shed building. These can be valuable resource and a little prior research on these sites will probably save you a lot of time and effort later on.