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Guide to Sheds

Backyard Sheds

Find out more about Backyard Sheds

For most people, backyard sheds are something that they cannot do without, particularly if they enjoy gardening or woodworking etc. Most people’s backyard sheds are made from wood although metal sheds do exist for this purpose and typical sizes are 6’ x 8’ or 8’ x 10’, although bigger and smaller models do exist.

These days most people buy traditional looking wood sheds, but over the last few years novelty sheds have become increasingly popular. Some of the sheds that you can buy today are more like cottages than sheds, as even their manufacturers would agree. They often have pretty windows and doors, flowerboxes and stylish roofing. Some models even have a chimney, although this is just for decoration purposes. You can add a second floor to certain models and even hook up an electrical supply although you must have this installed professionally to make sure that the supply is safe.

How much do they cost?

Of course all this comes at a price. A basic shed in the traditional style costs around $1000 give or take a few hundred dollars depending on the size and manufacturer. An elaborate cottage design can cost up to $10,000, with most designs costing about $6000-$7500. Again this is variable depending on size and your choice of trimmings.

The main advantage of a fantasy shed is its appearance is hopefully much nicer than a standard shed, although it is vital that you have the right garden to place a fantasy shed in or it could look seriously out of place. Apart from the cost, the obvious downside is that children will be more inclined to play in the ‘cottage’. If it is bought specifically for this purpose then that is fine, but if you are planning to keep dangerous tools and equipment in the shed an accident is likely to occur and they should be kept away if possible.

For backyard sheds where space is an issue, there are many smaller sheds that are designed to keep just a few things in them, such as a barbecue, bike or lawn mowers. They often come in horizontal or vertical models, which you should choose according to what you want to store inside them. A vertical model would be no good for storing a bike, for instance. If your backyard is quite literally a back yard you won’t have any need for typical garden sheds but you might want somewhere else to store things other than in your house. For this kind of situation, small storage sheds could fit the bill perfectly. They are not as readily available as traditional garden sheds, but there are plenty of places online that sell such products and they are easy to find.