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Guide to Sheds

Arrow Sheds

Find out more about Arrow Sheds

Arrow is one of the leading figures in the shed and storage industry and has a wide range of metal storage solutions to cater for virtually every need. Whether you are looking for small garden sheds or a garage sized storage space, Arrow will probably have just the thing for you. As with most metal sheds, Arrow's products tend to be made from galvanized steel but some of the more sophisticated models also have a vinyl layer which helps protect further against the elements.

Arrow sheds are grouped into different ranges that reflect their appearance, for instance Barn Style Roof sheds and Peak Style Roof sheds. The difference between the sheds in the barn style range and the peak style range is pretty small, the choice is purely an aesthetic one. The peak style range has a ridge along the center of the roof where the two sloping roof parts meet whereas the Barn style sheds have a more arch-like roof. There are many further categories too and these categories are split further into shed sizes. The larger sheds can be used as a garage or a large workshop, but the costs are dramatically higher than with a standard sized garden shed.

If space is tight, Arrow make a small ‘half shed’ which literally looks like one half of a shed. It is designed to be built alongside a wall of your house (you must make sure you have a windowless stretch of wall of course) and is perfect for storing your bikes or lawn mowers. As the structure is very narrow it is easy to keep it hidden and you could even put it behind another larger shed if you need more shed space but don’t want to take up much more of your garden with another big box!

If you are not yet certain about a specific style for your shed you should look at the Arrow website as you might come across a certain style that you hadn't previously considered. For customers who prefer a more traditional look some of Arrow sheds available have a wood grain finish. The biggest advantage of choosing a metal shed with a wood finish over a completely wood sheds, is that no maintenance is required, whereas a wooden shed requires regular treatment to prevent rotting.

Assembling a Shed

Arrow sheds are easily assembled but for those who have absolutely no confidence in their own DIY ability, Arrow has a special range! These sheds have been designed to literally snap together which makes it even easier to assemble than Arrow's other models. On all other products Arrow recommends that you use an electric screwdriver with a magnetic tip to speed up the construction process. In addition it is vital that you have someone to help & show you how to build a shed for both safety and quality purposes.