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Guide to Plasma TVs

Hitachi Plasma TV

Find out more about Hitachi Plasma TVs

Bringing the cinema home to you is how Hitachi likes to sum up their big screen plasma TVs.

By using proprietary plasma technology, Hitachi claim their HDTV series of televisions provide “a complete high definition television solution to create the ultimate home theater experience.” What this means in average Joe-speak is that a Hitachi plasma TV is the best at turning your TV room into a mini-cinema.

But what grounds do they have for saying this?

Unlike other plasma TV manufacturers who use technology created by others, Hitachi has single-mindedly plowed its own furrow. Their plasma TVs only use technology they themselves have developed to ensure better picture contrast, deeper colors and higher pixel density. The end result of this in-house, and therefore exclusive, technology is unsurpassed picture quality that’s big movie razor-sharp.

The exceptional picture quality that’s evident in Hitachi’s products levers on ALiS panel technology, just one of the innovations reaped from five years and millions spent on research and development.

ALiS stands for Alternate Lighting of Surfaces. Whereas most plasma displays rely on a physical grid to manage color, ALiS discards this barrier to produce a much smoother and seamless image on screen, a benefit that’s particularly noticeable when viewing curves or diagonals. As there’s no need for vertical scaling, ALiS-equipped TVs perfectly match HDTV signals.

Hitachi’s UltraVision® CineForm™ Plasma televisions also benefit from another innovation that dedicates more screen surface to the actual viewable picture area.

The Hitachi advances don’t stop at all important picture quality. Functionality has also been a major target area for them. Multi-tasking for one has loomed large in their thoughts. Each Hitachi plasma TV is designed to work seamlessly with a wide gamut of tv and video signals, and input devices including PCs, DVDs and HDTV, cable and satellite receivers, as well as video or S-video, NTSC/PAL/SECAM, composite, DVI-D and Scart signals.

According to Hitachi, and this is an interesting statement, their products have a longer working life. Hitachi say their advanced plasma display design technology gives their products a longevity that is 1.5 times greater than normal display life.

Hitachi’s 50 inch models, meanwhile, are aimed primarily at conference and show rooms, restaurant menu boards, retail stores and sports venues. At still less than four inches thick and tipping the scales at 85 pounds, even this leviathan of plasma displays can be located in a flexible and space-saving manner.

And getting your Hitachi plasma TV up and running out of the box is not the daunting chore you may imagine. While other HDTV tuners need start-up time to scan for channels and switching between analog and digital antenna inputs, Hitachi accomplishes the task instantly, giving instant access to all available channels.