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Guide to Plasma TVs

Plasma TV

Find out more about Plasma TVs

Mention TV and plasma together in the same sentence and most people will think you’re referring to a news story about human blood or the exotic fuel sources aboard science fiction spaceships. Until now, that is…

For plasma TV has landed and is now tumbling in price, making the technology far more readily available to the mass market. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, as cheap as regular cathode ray tube televisions. But price points are now in the sort of territory where you or someone you know personally, can now afford the luxury of big screen cinema at home.

And it’s a similar story for businesses too. With prices substantially lower than a couple of years ago, more and more companies are adopting plasma TV technology as an effective means to communicate with, educate and inform their clients. Go to most any railway, bus station or airport these days and information will be on a plasma display. Likewise in retail stores and shopping malls.

The large screen size and slim-line design made possible by plasma TV means a plasma TVs are turning up more frequently in locations where cathode ray tube simply could not ventured due to its limitations and sheer bulk. By contrast, a plasma TV display or monitor is a mere fraction of the depth of an equivalent cathode ray tube-based TV. So much so, that they are suspended from ceilings or even hung on the wall like a piece of art work.

Plasma TV is widely predicted to be the next big thing. With sales volumes cutting unit costs, the fuse has been lit on a revolution that will touch virtually everyone sooner rather than later.

On this site, we enable both the consumer and business customer to get in the elevator at the basement and research all there is to know about plasma TV. Plasma TV 101 you could say.

Four of the major plasma TV companies are put under the spotlight. We look at what each company has to offer and examine the different approaches they have taken with their plasma products:.

Acknowledging the different uses and customer make up, our plasma display page discusses the business end of the market and how plasma TV technology is being deployed.

Our plasma monitor page, meanwhile, gives a round-up on all the cool stuff you can plug in and what tech specs to check out first. Widescreen TV programming is discussed on our plasma screen page which also reveals why going large on our screen will lead to us becoming more caring and sharing.

And, in the interests of thoroughness, discover the ups and downs of Plasma TV stands, Plasma TV reviews and also catch up on some Plasma TV jargon.