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Guide to Phone Cards

Phone Calling Cards

Find out more about Phone Calling Cards

Phone calling cards are designed to offer you a greater saving on the calls that you make. They are often aimed at long distance calls, either within the United States or around the world. Most companies offer a phone card for almost every country in the world, and for calls within the US, they also offer cards for every state.

There are hundreds of manufacturers that produce such phone cards, and choosing the right card can be a minefield. Most of the companies are very reputable, however as in any trade, there are some companies who might compromise their service to be able to offer you a lower price. Whilst this might not seem too much of a problem, if you have to make a call in an emergency, you need the reassurance that you will be able to connect first time.

It is highly advisable to purchase a card from a company you have either dealt with in the past, or who you know can provide a thorough and reputable service. In the long run, this might also work out cheaper, if it turns out that you can’t connect at all with the cheap card, you will probably have to buy another one anyway!

Most companies operate through a service number which you dial. From here, you can dial the number of the person whom you wish to call. With prepaid calling cards, you will be told how much balance is remaining on your cards when you are put through to the service number. The majority of prepay cards are disposable, so once your credit has gone, the card is useless. However, some manufacturers are now developing ‘refillable’ cards, which can be topped up through credit cards or over the internet.

If you are likely to be using a card on more than a one off occasion, buying rechargeable phone calling cards will probably save you a lot of time. If this is your plan, be sure to look into all the possibilities, so that you can select the right one. Most prepaid phone calling cards are available in $10, $20 and $50 denominations. Sometimes (but not all the time), companies will provide more minutes per $ through the more expensive cards. If you know you will use all the minutes provided, you will save buy buying a more expensive card to start with.

You may not think that taking time to choose phone calling cards is really worth the effort. However, if you know you will be calling the same place regularly, finding the right card could save you a lot of money in the long run, so it is wise to look into the possibilities. A site that might be useful in helping you to make a decision is TTS Prepaid Phone Cards. TTS are an internet based reseller of NobelCom products. Therefore, all searches will result in NobelCom products, but they have a wide variety of products, so you will probably be able to tailor your search to your needs. There are many hundreds of other phone card providers on the internet. The above links are just two examples, and don’t represent necessarily represent the best prices.

There are two other major things to beware of. Firstly, if you use your card in a hotel or restaurant, they will probably charge you a connection fee. Whilst you might not be able to do much about this, most cards have the option of dialing a second call after your current call. By taking advantage of this, you will be able to cut down on the number of hotel connection charges. Secondly, some ‘budget’ companies will route long distance calls through the internet. This will often result in a loss of quality. It is a perfectly feasible way to connect calls, so long as you know that when you buy their card, but generally the quality will not be as good as through traditional methods.