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Guide to Phone Cards

Philippines Phone Cards

Find out more about Philippines Phone Cards

On long distance calls, such as to the Philippines, phone cards can save you a great deal of money, particularly if you make regular calls to family at home, for instance. Therefore, many companies offer calling cards to the Philippines at prices that undercut your standard landline provider.

One such company is This web page is quite useful as a comparison, as all the options are clearly laid out, meaning you can see exactly what you get for your money. Elsewhere, Union Telecard offers two types of card. The first, the ‘purple’ card, has a lower rate per minute, and also more minutes, but you will also have to pay a local access call price to be put through to the service. The ‘green’ card offers less minutes, and at a slightly higher price, but is all inclusive. As a rule, you can expect to pay a flat rate of around 8.00¢ per minute for calls to the Philippines.

Some companies may charge more, but it is advised that you be cautious about companies that charge less than this. Sometimes, the cheapest deals result in services which can be impossible to connect to, so you are advised to purchase your Philippines phone cards from a reputable dealer only. There are many reputable dealers to choose from and by looking closely at what each company can offer you will be able to sniff out any dubious offers. The above suggestions do not necessarily represent the best value for money, or quality of service, but are examples from which you can base your research. There are so many companies that it is impossible to mention them all here.

With most other calling cards, the greater the value of the card, the more minutes per dollar you receive. This is less often the case with Philippines phone cards, but offers are continuously changing, so you might be lucky another time if nothing is available now. Look out for ‘buy one get one free deals’. On long distance phone cards such as these, two for one offers can save you a tidy amount.

It is also advisable to make sure you know how the call will be routed. Some companies are able to offer lower prices by routing the call through the internet. Whilst this is a perfectly feasible method of transferring a call over a long distance, it will most probably result in a loss of quality. If you are happy to sacrifice call quality for price, then fair enough, but it is better to know in advance than be surprised when you come to making a call.

Also, make sure you know exactly which number to dial in order to connect your call through the service provided by the phone card. It has been known for a similar number provide the same service but at an astronomical price, so dial carefully and you will have no problems.