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Guide to Phone Cards

Long Distance Phone Cards

Find out more about Long Distance Phone Cards

The most popular type of phone cards are those that are used to make long distance calls. By default, these are most commonly international phone calls, and cards exist for calling just about every country in the world. There are many manufacturers that produce such long distance phone cards, as a search on the internet will show. Offers and prices change frequently, so it is impossible to point out the best deals here. Internet based retailers can often offer their goods at better prices and two sites that might be useful in helping you find the right card are Phonecardsavers and NobelCom.

Phonecardsavers will show you clearly the different rates for different countries, and has two different card options. The first is the card with a connection fee, and the second shows the prices for those without the charge. NobelCom produce long distance phone cards for virtually every country, so you are sure to find a suitable card here. You might be able to find better deals by looking around even more, but at least these two sites are a starting point.

As the United States is such as big country, some ‘internal’ calls could be classed as long distance too, particularly if they cross a time zone. Again, there are many cards that are designed for calling from and to specific states within the country. Another search will reveal the best options. Be sure that you are certain which state you will be calling from. Some inter-state cards only work when calling from and to the state specified when you purchase the card.

Try to buy only from a reputable dealer. Ideally, this should be a company who you have dealt with in the past (assuming you had a good experience), or a company whom you know to have a proven track record in the calling card field. With long distance calls particularly, you might find that you get a better service by not opting for the cheapest option. This can sometimes result in a service that is unreliable, or at worst, one which you cannot connect to.

Also beware that some companies may choose to route long distance calls through the internet. Whilst this is a perfectly viable method of keeping costs low, it will probably result in loss in quality. There are internet based businesses that specialize in internet based calling. For a better service, it is advisable to make your long distance calls through these companies rather than a traditional company that is trying to cut a few corners. However, if you are happy that the call quality will probably suffer but you will still have a low price, then that is fine. It’s just a rather unpleasant surprise if you didn’t know before you bought your $50 phone card!