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Guide to Phone Cards

International Phone Cards

Find out more about International Phone Cards

The most common need for a phone card is to call other countries at a lower cost than your cell phone or land line company charges you. As a general rule, the best value phone cards are specifically targeted at a particular country, but there are some options available that mean you can call most places in Europe, for example, at a similar rate. If you are likely to be calling one particular country more than any other, then it is advisable to buy a card which is designed for calling this country. In the long term, this will save you a considerable amount of money, depending of course on how often you call.

There are many places on the internet to find international phone cards, and you will also be able to buy them locally. However, internet based retailers can often offer their goods at better prices. Two sites that might be useful in helping you find the right card are Phonecardsavers and NobelCom.

Phonecardsavers will show you clearly the different rates for different countries, and has two different card options. The first is the card with a connection fee, and the second shows the prices for those without the charge. As there are so many possibilities, it is impossible to say which cards are better than others. This depends entirely on user circumstances, and so you should look into as many possibilities as you can.

You will probably find that if you buy a more expensive phone card, you will get more relative talk time. For instance, a $20 phone card to Belgium from Phonecardsavers will give you 15 more minutes of talk time than buying two $10 cards.

One thing to beware of is companies that route calls through the internet. By doing this, companies can obviously reduce costs which also means cheaper calls for you. However, this method of transfer will result in a sever loss of quality.

If you are likely to be buying international phone cards in bulk, there are also places on the internet that sell them at wholesale prices. In addition to the card savings themselves, if you know you will need many cards for your business, buying in bulk will save a lot of money.

The most important thing is to always buy from a reputable dealer, particularly if you buy in bulk. Make sure you read the small print, as there are horror stories about customers being ripped off by certain companies, and always make sure you dial specified number to connect your call. Otherwise you could end up paying an outrageous cost for your call, such as $9/min instead of $0.30/min!!