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Guide to Phone Cards

India Calling Cards

Find out more about India Calling Cards

There are many, many companies on the internet who sell phone cards, and most of these will have a card designed for calling India. They are very easy to find and a quick search will yield many results. As prices and offers change continuously, it is virtually impossible to point out the bargains here, but you will quickly find the best deals by looking around.

Some cards are designed for calling India generally, but if you are likely to be calling only one town or city in India, it is probably worth trying to buy a calling card for that specific place. Baseops has a card for twenty different towns and cities within India, as well as general India calling cards.

This site also has a comparison page, which shows how many minutes you receive for each area. India calling cards are available in $5, $10 and $20 amounts. Beware that this is only one company and you might find a more suitable deal for your needs by looking elsewhere. Other companies sell cards in different amounts and provide a different amount of minutes. Sometimes companies will give you more minutes per dollar through the higher priced cards, although this applies less to India than other countries.

As India is a substantial distance from the United States, you should always look or ask how the calls are connected. Some companies keep prices down by connecting through the internet, and whilst this is a feasible method of reducing costs, it will probably result in a loss of quality.

It seems that only excellent internet-based telephone services provide high quality calls. It is highly advisable to only consider phone card services that have a proven track record of high quality calls. With long distance calls such as this, you will really notice the drop in quality if you don’t choose rightly, or you might not be able to even make a call at all! Another thing to look into is whether the card has a connection charge. There are essentially two types of phone card, those with a connection charge and those without. Which card is the best option for you depends on your individual circumstances.

It is also important to make sure that you only buy from reputable companies and dealers. Always read the small print, and make sure you dial the exact number stated as the access number. There are stories about customers who have dialed similar numbers but not the right one and have ended up paying outrageous costs for their calls.