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Guide to Phone Cards

Free Phone Cards

Find out more about Free Phone Cards

Some companies on the internet are offering free phone cards as an incentive to sign up to their services. Sometimes this requires signing up for a trial service, as with They have two trial options, a 50 minute trial for domestic card calls and a 30 minute trial for international phone cards.

Other companies offering free phone cards when you sign up for a trial include Phonehog and Yesfree. These free phone cards are designed to make you want to stay with the specific company after the trial runs out. If you know that you will only be using a phone card as a one off, signing up for a free trial is a great way to save a few dollars. Of course if you are looking at buying phone cards regularly, you could always sign up for a few free trials. Not only would this save some money, but you could also compare the service you receive from each company.

There are many special deals on the internet, which change all the time. It is impossible to stay up to date with them all, and so the best thing is to search for the best deals on your own. Some companies might operate a ‘buy one get one free’ deal on calling cards, other companies might offer free phone cards when you buy another product from them, for instance a telephone, or perhaps sign up to a telephone service.

Be sure to check out that you have nothing further to pay, even if the card might be free upfront. Some phone cards charge you after the calls have been made, and whilst they make it perfectly clear that this is the way in which they operate, if you’re expecting something else, this could come as a nasty surprise.

Also try to only accept offers from reputable companies and dealers, even if the card is free. There are some companies who only seem interested in making money, and can be uncompromising when something goes wrong.