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Guide to Phone Cards

Cheap Calling Cards

Find out more about Cheap Calling Cards

By definition, the reason you will be looking to buy a calling card is to save money on the calls that you make. Therefore, every company has to offer low prices as a way of staying in business and so there probably isn’t a ‘cheap’ card on the market as such. Yes, some companies will offer lower prices per minute than other companies.

There are hundreds and hundreds of providers available, as a search of the internet will show well. Therefore, it is impossible to single out a few providers for their prices. The best prices depend on individual circumstances, where you want to call, what time, and for how long. If you have a rough outline for these basic questions, you will be able to find a phone cards that suit your needs perfectly well within no time.

Some companies whose prices might seem too good to be true could well be exactly that! Whilst we are not saying that these companies don’t offer the calls at the advertised price, connection to the service might be very difficult. Whether this is due to extreme demand or a haphazard service is debatable, but it is advisable to buy a card from a more reputable dealer if you can.

Always try to buy from a company you have dealt with in the past (assuming you had a good experience), or from a company you know to have a good record in this area. In the long run, this could work out cheaper anyway. However, this is not to say that all companies are unreliable. Some companies do reliably offer cheap calling cards at lower than average prices.

Today, many some companies can route long distance calls through the internet. Whilst this invariably results in a loss of quality, (unless the call is routed through a company that specializes in internet call routing) it does allow companies to keep prices down. As the consumer, it is your choice, quality of call or the price. If you’d rather have a greater talk time on your phone card, you may well settle for an internet based connection, which is absolutely fine so long as you are aware of this from the outset. This service will only be a disappointment when it's a surprise.

Most phone cards are available in $10, $20 and $50 options. However, some companies also offer $5 cards; perfect for those who have a short, one off call to make. Again, the best cheap calling cards depend on individual circumstances, so it is best to search the internet yourself to make the right choice.