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Guide to Phone Cards

AT & T Calling Cards

Find out more about AT & T Calling Cards

AT & T produces a range of phone cards. In addition to standard prepaid phone cards, the AT & T calling cards are charged through your phone at home.

You can call from any mobile, or pay phone (although there is a surcharge for calling from payphones), to anywhere in the world. Calls to international mobiles or other wireless devices are also subject to a further charge per minute.

There are two main types of AT & T calling cards. The basic card is free to receive and there is no monthly charge, so you only pay for what you use. If you use your card frequently, you should opt for the AT & T One Rate® Calling Card Plan. For a charge of $1 per month, which is added to your monthly landline rental, all calls to anywhere in the United States, and at any time, will be priced at 25¢. The greatest advantage of choosing a card from AT & T is the knowledge that with such a large and established company, the quality of the service you receive will be second to none. When you have to make an urgent call, this knowledge is reassuring.

AT & T also offers a combined calling and credit card, known as a Universal Card. There are three options available, and it is best to read the ins and outs of these yourself in order to make the right choice. The biggest advantages is your payments for phone calls and purchases are as one, and your wallet will have one less piece of plastic in it. There is a card designed for college students who may use both credit cards and calling cards frequently.

AT & T’s prepaid phone cards offer a service which you have to pay for up front. These are perfect for one off trips or urgent calls, particularly from payphones when your cell phone is out of reception. Like most other companies, AT & T offer greater value for money on the more expensive cards, so if you know that you are able to use all the minutes up, then it’s worth buying a more expensive card.

How much do they cost?

There are three main choices in duration and price:

  • The cheapest card, at $9 offers 60 minutes of domestic calling.
  • The middle card, at $13 offers 100 minutes (again for domestic calls).
  • The dearest card, at $30 offers 300 domestic minutes. These are all flat rate calls, meaning the price is the same no matter what time of day you call.

Obviously, international calls are more expensive, so if you are using your card to call abroad, the minutes will be reduced from those stated. The card operates in over 200 countries, and these international rates vary according to the country you are calling from and to. AT & T offers an international rate checker, which can be useful when working out just how much you will get for your money.

AT & T’s prepaid calling cards can be recharged, and there are two types available. One of which is an online card, which means that you don’t actually receive a phone card, but you follow the same procedure when making a call. This cuts down the time it takes for your phone card to become active as you don’t have to wait for it to be posted out, which can be useful if you are in a rush.