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Guide to Phone Cards

Phone Cards

Find out more about Phone Cards

Through the use of a phone card, you can often make considerable savings on the cost of your telephone calls. There are many different types of phone cards available on the market today and as a general rule they are aimed at a specific type of call, for instance, domestic calls, international calls (often by country), and calling cards designed to give you savings at different times of the day.

Phone cards are available in many places locally, particularly in areas with tourist attractions and can be found in abundance on the internet. In general, most cards operate by dialing a number prior to the number you actually want to call, therefore diverting your call through the company who produce the calling card. Sometimes you will have an account with them, and will be asked to enter your pin number before proceeding to the actual phone call.

A few years ago phone cards were often incompatible with mobile phones and were designed predominantly for use with payphones. Today, many companies specialize in areas that the cell phone companies do not, allowing you to make considerable savings on specifically targeted calls from your cell phone. If you are likely to call France several times, for instance, the saving a calling card will give you on multiple calls will be really worthwhile.

You may not think that taking time to choose a calling card is really worth the effort. However, if you know you will be calling the same place regularly, finding the right card could save you a lot of money in the long run, so it is wise to look into the possibilities. For phone cards that run on an account basis, this is particularly the case.

A site that might be useful in helping you to make a decision is TTS Prepaid Phone Cards. TTS are an internet based reseller of NobelCom products. Therefore, all searches will result in NobelCom products, but they have a wide variety of products, so you will probably be able to tailor your search to your needs.

There are several things which it is helpful to be aware of when choosing phone cards:

  • Some phone cards will charge you a connection fee. Most of the time, you should be able to find a card that will offer equal value for money without a connection fee, and it is advisable to opt for these cards.
  • Most phone cards cannot be topped up.
  • Rechargeable cards create a greater risk of fraud, and so the majority of companies provide cards in fixed denominations only.
  • Some facilities, such as hotels, restaurants etc, may charge you an additional fee to use a calling card through their phones. This can be anything up to 49 cents.
  • Some companies operate calls through the internet. Whilst this creates a cheap way of calling, the result is a distinct loss in quality of the call.