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Guide to Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Find out more about Hot Tubs

If you are like most people at one time or another you’ve fantasized about owning your own hot tub, but also like most people you’ve never gone ahead with your dream. You’ve told yourself ‘they’re too expensive,’ ‘I’d never find the time to use it,’ or ‘they’re not really useful, they’re just a toy.’ If however you follow your dream you will be amazed by the benefits and wonder every day how you lived without one.

All of us know how enjoyable bathing in hot tubs are. When we slip into the hot bubbling water our muscles relax and our mind clears so we see the cares of day in perspective. If you use your hot tubs by yourself it can be an opportunity to meditate on the day and prepare yourself for the company of others. You can use your hot tub to share a quiet moment with one or two of your close friends or family, or if your hot tub is large enough it can be the focal point of a lively party where you can let your hair down with friends.

What are the benefits?

Enjoyment is at the heart of hot tubs, but the benefits of using a hot tub go much further. Research has shown that hydro therapy is very beneficial for soft tissue injuries and arthritis sufferers. The reason for this is that the heat dilates the blood vessels, resulting in greater circulation which in turn allows the body to heal itself faster. The hot tubs jets massage the body, releasing pressure on nerves and the buoyancy of floating in water reduces our weight by 90% thereby relieving us of the general strain and discomfort of gravity.

Hot water has been proven to stimulate the body to release endorphins, the hormones that make us feel good, which improves our general mood and sense of well being. Researchers have also found that soaking in hot water before bed reduces the occurrence of sleep disorders.

If all that information has convinced your conscience that it is okay for you to have your hot tub your going to have to know what features are important to you. Hot tubs come in every imaginable variation to suit your space, purpose and budget. Most manufacturers make models which will hold 3 people comfortably to models which cater for up to 9 people. You’ll want to look at the number of seats each model offers, and whether they offer special ‘therapy seats’ or hot and cool seats.

The number of jets, both air and water jets is also important, large hot tubs will have up to 100, while smaller hot tubs may only have 20. The luxury models will have a large number in proportion to their size. Take time to evaluate all the features and options that each hot tub offers as purchasing a hot tub is a large investment, but rest assured that it is an investment which can transform the way you live and feel for the better.