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Guide to Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

Find out more about Glow Sticks

Glow sticks and necklaces are often seen at carnivals or nighttime parades. Although glow sticks are decorative and fun, there are many other practical and out of the ordinary uses for a glow stick. You might purchase them to illuminate a candy bowl or to light up a dance party, but don’t forget they can be extremely useful in times of blackouts or to light a path in the dark.

A glow sticks can come in many colors and sizes for all purposes. Small glow sticks are compact and easily carried. You can dance with them, hand them out as party favors or use them to decorate any occasion or holiday. Large glow sticks last longer than small ones and give out more light. They have been used by the police and military as a source of light at night. Lighting one up is a good safety precaution to take when not seeing is hazardous like on boats or near swimming pools.

When purchasing a glow product, make sure the company has a guarantee, should the product be faulty. Most companies boast of their non-toxic glow products that last between 4-12 hours or are rechargeable in sunlight. Look for a company that sells new glow products that have just been manufactured. Glow products have a shelf life of 2 years.

A glow stick can be particularly good for company promotions or fundraisers. Most glow stick companies offer a labeling service that allows you to print a name on the side of the glow stick. Whether you are selling or giving them out, a labeled glow stick adds a personal touch.

Glow Stick Wholesalers like to advertise that they are great fundraiser items. Made with non-toxic materials glow sticks can be wonderful ways to make some money for schools and churches. When bought in large quantities the price of wholesale glow sticks can be next to nothing. Depending on the size, quantity and style, a glow stick can cost as little at 9 cents a stick. They can be sold anywhere from 1 to 2 dollars for fundraising events.

Glow stick companies have designed other glow items besides the stick. There is a range of jewelry, ice cubes, pacifiers, golf balls, eyeglasses, cups or a glow stick necklace. Most items are reusable, as they contain either a special compartment to replace a glow stick or recharge in the sun.

For the rave dancer, there many other items available. Glow stick dancing, when glow sticks are moved in circular patterns add an extra flair to the dance floor. Glowing or flashing jewelry, t-shirts, or shoes are other great dance floor accessories.

With so many occasions and so many glow stick products, you might want to consider buying a selection of items to try them all. Most wholesalers sell a party pack option that contains an assortment of several items. In a party pack you can equip yourself with decorations for any holiday or special event.